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Ronni Marcus


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THE HAMYS=Harmony And Music is YourS...Think about it...Music is a universal language that is both pleasurable and safe. (Despite what any lawsuits have suggested to the contrary...Yea right, the music made them do it.) Music transmits love versus disease and never lies, cheats, or steals. I believe every person is an artist, to some degree. Some are content utilizing their creative expression on a part-time basis by gardening, for example or creative cooking. Other people need creative expression to fulfill their purpose in this lifetime. Many artists feel strongly that they have to be true to their selves and any other occupation they attempt feels meaningless. Can't we see through the bull of societal norms that creative expression has been suppressed long enough? I have a theory, it goes directly against the grain of "Survival of The Fittest" and "Looking Out For Number 1" and it's called "We Are All Pink Inside." Unfortunately oftentimes, children are conditioned to focus on the differences. Music makes us equal. We speak of budgets and allocation of governmental funds. All these projects to make it 'look good.' Who is accountable for society as we see it today? When there is a budget crunch, where are funds cut? I don't get it. Music and education? The VH1 Save The Music Program and the artists that don't forget about 'the big picture' deserve recognition, fortune, and perhaps fame. Money isn't so bad when in the hands of people who care. Lyrics and music utilized in core subjects in grades 1-12 can sing a story of hope and motivation versus memorization and boredom. Some artists talk about other artists "selling out." Surely, it is not just politicians and corporate executives that fall prey to control and power. Power mongers and control freaks are everywhere. Compromise is in any given profession but one must draw the line somewhere, once basic survival is no longer an issue. We are told our work will never pay the bills, we are told our work is insignificant or frivolous. Talk about angry people! Why do you think children are killing other children, their parents, and their teachers, for that matter? My cure...Value an individual's creative expression. Sorry, but inspiration, consideration, and kindness cannot be readily measured as huge corporate and governmental systems would suggest. We've been conditioned to believe that bottom lines, net profits, income levels, performance based measurements, cash flow, and test scores are the only things that are truly important things in life. FYI=Fight for Your right to Inspire. Creative expression needs connection. Music lovers around the world form a universal bond...our primary language is one in the same.
Art/Architecture , Business , Child Guidance/Parenting , Educational , Humanities , Internet , Music and Dance
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