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Kyle Allen

Past the Windows

Past the Windows
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Thatís when he did it. It was really the only thing he could think of. It looked just like a trench to him and he jumped right into it, under the desk, right after he had seen it go by his window. Not right after, but as soon as his legs moved. The plane had gone right by the window and the whole group of workers was crowded around. It was real close so you felt it shutter and shake the window and no one could do a thing but just stand there and stare with their mouths dropped wide open like that. He saw the shiny silver white wings go by so close you thought you could touch them. They went by so damn close you thought they would be clipped for sure and shatter the long glass. They werenít clipped though and the plane went right past, just rattling the windows good and hard so a whole wave rolled over and then blew past the office.

He hadnít seen the end of it go past. He hadnít heard it shake either as the tail went away. While the director was shouting for everyone to stay still, he had already crawled under his small desk and started to cry. The director was ordering everyone not to move. No one knew the first thing to do. He didnít know what else to do either, so he sat there under his desk and when the crying stopped real quick like that he started to pray. He just sat there rolled over and prayed, ďOh God, dear God, whatever that was, oh God, dear God please save us all. Dear God, Father God save me and take it all away. Save me God, save me please. Dear God Iíll do whatever you ask me and never do a thing badly or wrong again, ever and ever again dear God. God just save me. Iíll do whatever you ask me and Iíll tell everyone here about you I promise. Oh God just save me. Iíll be your good boy all over again. I promise God, I promise, I promise, I promise and Iíll tell everyone about you till the day I die.Ē

He had been going on praying like that when the plane turned past the building and went front-first into the first tower. No one knew why it crashed but they heard it smack real loud. It smacked in and popped. Then the second one went in and the evacuations began.

It wasnít his building and he didnít die. He walked down the long stairs with his co-workers, ending on the street in a big mess of people and noise. Everyone started off walking north. When the people had looked back there behind all they saw were the big clouds of smoke and dirt and dust that blew up the street in a huge swell. He never looked back. He kept looking north as he walked and the clouds dropped and everyone was covered in a thin layer of grey-brown ash.

That night he drank half a bottle of Scotch and walked to the whorehouse he knew on 48th Street and forgot about windows and desks and trenches as he buried his face in her arms and forgot to tell her the first thing about his God.

Literary , Mainstream , Religious , Short Story
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