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Kyle Allen


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“I think Cuba is the place to go,” the one guy told the other at the bar. They had been friends for sometime. “Cuba is the place for New Year’s. Forget New York. This place is cooked.” “Yeah? Cooked, huh?” the friend said and drank his beer. “Yeah, it’s been done for sometime.” They sat at the front of the long wooden bar and shivered and drank their drinks while they smoked. The bar was closing soon but neither wanted to go home. The previous bartender had been a friend and would let them sit and drink while he cleaned up and counted the money with the doors locked. That was the best time to drink for them. They would sit and drink and talk soccer with the bartender named Colin. He was a Mick and had moved back to Ireland that summer. “Cuba, man, that’s where we go,” the one said. “It’s all the same to me,” the other told him. “I don’t care.”. “You only say that cause you never been there.” “This is ok here. It’s not about the setting.” “I don’t know man. I need something else.” They drank their beers and the new bartender told them it was closing time. “Colin would have let us stay and drink.” “Yeah. I hear the bars in Cuba never close.” “Is that so?” “Yeah.” “Now there’s a good idea.” “My man Maneesh says it’s wild there. It’s really wild and they got those good cigars too.” “How’s the women?” “They’re real. All the people there are very real. Not like the Cubans here either. They are hard and real.” “Yeah?” “We go to Mexico and catch a flight over.” “How about Castro?” “Fucking guy, now there’s a last of a kind.” “Sure thing. But he’s going to die sometime you know.” “That’s why we gotta go now. So what you say?” the one smiled. “It really doesn’t matter one bit. We have to come back here anyway.” “You’re right. But the trip could make the difference.” “Just like Thailand did?” “That’s different.” “Or Trinidiad?” “This will be different,” the other one said. “I just know it. It has to.”

Contemporary , Literary , Mainstream , Multicultural , Short Story
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