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Nath Yogi

The Light Of Devotion Of Knowledge Of Brahma

The Light Of Devotion Of Knowledge Of Brahma
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From time immemorial, Nath Yogis expressed the divine wisdom in simple yet eloquent verses suited to their respective time and social order. rnThe poet is the first one to do so in English of this era. It is just like an Upanishad originally written in English by the poet with his first-hand experience.rnThis book gives us the knowledge of the Guru-disciple relationship, God-devotee relationship, Brahma-maya relationship, science-conscience relationship, etc.rnIt is offered at the lotus feet of the poet's Guru.rnThese verses show a divine path to everybody if enlightenment is one's aim.rn
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From: CK Ramachandran (nathyogi@indiatimes.com) 2002-04-17

This book draws special attention as it presents the most serious, deep and broad subject ie, philosophy in so simple verses like nursery rhymes, without using similes, ironies or allegories. It glorifies the mystery of words rather than concepts or ideas, which benumbs the mind and screws like a chisel into the Atma(Soul) where it causes experiences which are beyond the realm of words. Certainly it is an offshoot of the eternal flow of the ancient Eastern wisdom which keeps the Guru at the highest pedestal as God personified, by whose grace Brahma, the Impersonal God can be realised. The poet is carving out true Guru, devotion, knowledge, truth, maya(illusion), sacrifice, the bliss of Brahma and their interplay in simple and elegant verses on a personal anecdote. He, with the enlightenment attained from his revered Guru, sharply discriminates and resolves into its minutest form, - the good and evil, truth and maya, justice and injustice etc, prevailing in the society. He attacks with uncompromising criticism and sharp and witty exhortations all the practices, customs, mockery which are taking away peace from the face of the earth and he throws light in the path of reformation of the individual who is making up the society on eternal value basis under the direction of a Satguru(true Guru).

From: Kamal Punetha (onlypunetha@yahoo.com) 2002-05-16

This book is an ideal example of true devotion,faith and submission towards lotus feet of Guru ,in my opinion this is a classic work, all poems in their simplest form without using similes and Shakesperion or Rudyard Kipling's words on them, shows steadfast devotion in Sadguru's feet only. After reading this book I realise that what Sadguru can do for an ordinary person and indeed Sadguru can turn a stone into Paras. K.K.Punetha.