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Scott Taylor

The Opportunity In Every Problem

The Opportunity In Every Problem
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Published by Good Samaritan Publishing
Jan, 2002
ISBN: 0-9714338-0-1

From the Synopsis page of my webpage:

The Opportunity In Every Problem does more than just teach the principles of problem solving. This book takes the reader to a new level of dealing with problems by manifesting a method of experiencing opportunity. The reader will definitely understand that problem solving on its own is limiting and lacking. Once this book is read, your mind is opened up to realizing an improved thinking process that is destined to guide you to a life of success in happiness, health and wealth.

The first chapter sets up the main characters; Utor Retting, a lumbering youth plagued by the cruelties of adolescent jeering, who is challenged by his school teacher to interview the luckiest man in the world- Mr. I. M. Lucky. After several failed attempts to meet him, Utor has a dream, the mentioning of which, causes Mr. Lucky to be intrigued enough to meet with him.

Chapter 2: Mr. Lucky sets Utor at ease by helping him to realize that Mr. Lucky was once like Utor, but he learned how to overcome his indigent beginnings. Mr. Lucky also shares with Utor that he believes they were united by divinity because they both have something wherewith, they can help each other.

Chapter 3: Utor is given an in-depth look at problems and a deep understanding into why some people are able to turn problems into opportunities and others are doomed to suffer in them.

Chapter 4: In this chapter, Utor is met with an awe-inspiring experience that opens his mind to opportunities, as Mr. Lucky begins to share some examples of the difference between solving problems and finding the opportunity in them. New energy and confidence flows through Utor as he awakens to the prospects this new education offers for his future.

Chapter 5: Mr. Lucky and Utor go through various businesses in town, meeting struggling and successful businesses. As they observe various problems Utor and the reader begin to see just how broad this principle really is. Not only do the opportunities exist for financial increase, they also have the potential of helping you physically, spiritually, socially, emotionally and more.

Chapter 6: Mr. Lucky teaches Utor the system of Resource Masterminding, which is actually a method anyone can adopt that will obviously create a much greater chance for success than one would expect from hard work or typical problem solving methods. The book ends with a creative play on names and a very auspicious future for Utor.


Pages 112
Size = 4 1/4" X 7
ISBN 0-9714338-0-1

General , Hi-lo , Juvenile , Literary , Other , Young Adult
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