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Deanna Michaux

Millennium Diva: A Real Woman's Guide to Balance

Millennium Diva:  A Real Woman
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Published by JuDe Publishing
August 1, 2001
ISBN: 0-9712585-5-4
INTRODUCTION Quick—what comes to your mind when you think of the word Diva? Do you immediately think of a make-up clad opera singer, a gay guy or some Hollywood hot-to-trot actress? Get ready because times have changed. I would first like to say that if you are one of those females who thought you had arrived in the nineties with the “I’m a Nineties Girl” mentality—get over it. With the new millennium comes a new class of distinction called The Diva. A Diva is a self-assured woman that is tuned in to her personal self, conscious of her surroundings and has her act together. In other words, a Real Woman. This persona does not have a skin color, a specific body shape or numerical clothing size. It is exclusively mind over matter, attitude and principality which eventually results in balance. Are Divas made or born? If you have ever wondered if you are a Diva or if you could be one---fret no more. What you are getting ready to experience is similar to a 12-step program. That’s right. There are a few basics that must be instilled. By accepting these 11 principles and applying them as you see fit, not only will you feel better about yourself and prosper, but others will also notice and will want to jump on the bandwagon. This is the stuff that men admire in women but they never admit it, until it’s lost. Be warned, it’s not easy and once you become a Diva and enjoy the feeling of being a Real Woman---you will never go back. _______________________________ Back Cover ____________________ Did you know that Divas are some of the strongest, most successfully balanced women in existence? A Diva is a Real Woman that has her I’s dotted and her T’s crossed as a result of not taking any wooden nickels and sticking to principles. Women are known to talk a great deal so it was not surprising to discover the presence of common negative factors that cause women to be frustrated, unhappy and lacking in success. As a result of this finding, 11 Basic Principles was created to turn this negativity into balance that would generate success, self-confidence, and an overall feeling of peace. That’s right. Discussions such as what to do if you catch your girlfriends man cheating, the low down and dirty about fighting over a man, and dispelling the myth about Prince Charming. Women read the book to stay balanced and prosperous. Men read the book as a reminder of the reasons you love Real Women.
Audiocassettes , Educational , Feminism , General , Humanities , Self-Help , Women's Issues/Studies , Young Adult
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