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Napkin Writer

The Napkin Writer - Trilogy (Works In Progress)

The Napkin Writer - Trilogy  (Works In Progress)
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Works in Progress:

“The Napkin Writer - "Trilogy"

“A three-part story of chance encounters of individuals, the interactions of those individuals, and how these encounters can link us as human beings.

It is also about being in love, being suicidal, discrimination, pride, fear, justice, searching for ones place in this world, finding peace in ones spiritual existence, and, courage.”

Part I: They Marked the Poet Unknown!

“A story of a man on the verge of Suicide!”

“While chronicling life altering events of his life, mostly, through poetry and prose, he explores the depths, of his own, physiological understanding, of his relationship’s, with Humanity, Nature, and God!”

The man is visited at his table, by patrons in a bar he once frequented with a loved one. The patrons indiscriminately, become his unwilling witnesses, to his sorrows! Each person who sits, at his table instantly feel as if they have stumbled onto the square of a mad man, yet, they all seem to have a look of, mystified enlightenment, on their faces, when they leave his table.”

Part II: Two Sides of the Same Coin

“A story of two women, who fight for a forgotten friend, and their souls!”

“Only in their tormented dreams have they found familiarity in this world. After being, abused, misused, and discriminated against, they seek to fill the void in the depths of their souls, yet, they no longer trust themselves to choose wisely in this world.

After meeting, they form a strange bond, and blame each other for each other's sorrows. After bitter confrontations over their personal differences, they must endeavor, to find justice and truth.

Their biggest obstacle, they are two personalities, of the same woman. Filled with despair and confusion, it may be too late to save either of them from spiritual destruction?”

Part III: The Casting of Dieyes

“A story of a man fighting for his existence, while setting in prison, on death row!”

“He pleads for justice in the law, and a peace within himself. Yet, it is a justice and peace, that he never gave to his family, or the world.

Mostly bitter because his life-long chess game with law enforcement officials would calumniate from a lie, based on his gang-banging, and drug dealing background.

Though he is prone to hostile fits of rage, destruction, and physical violence, his thoughts of his mother, and only sister, having to deal with four slain brothers, carry a heavy on his mind.

He awaits the word from his attorney, on a ruling from a higher court, while the clock ticks upon his deadline to his lethal injection; for a murder, he never committed!”

This is a semi-fictional novel, based on my personal encounters with these individuals, and a/my creative imagination!

"I'm Thinking Movie!"

Love, Peace and Kindness,

The Napkin Writer

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