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Dave Meckanic

With Malice and Forethought

With Malice and Forethought
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Published by VRi Studios
March 2000
ISBN: 1-4196-3926-9
With Malice and Forethought Cover Art - Copyright 2006 - D.MeckanicWith Malice and Forethought is a fictional work based on events occurring on three continents over a period of 15 years. It details what can happen when two normal people become involved in exceptionally dangerous and corrupt situations. There are no real names, except those of countries, general locations and public figures in office.

Dave, a research engineer/scientist, and his wife find themselves living in a static world. They reside in Canada, a country of insulated homes, insulated attitudes and even more insulated lives. Dave wanting something different, talks to friends in South Africa, he decides to move there to force change in his life. At first, he finds South Africa a dream come true. However, after obtaining a position with a research company in Johannesburg, he quickly begins to understand the nature of his new reality, one that will soon become a nightmare.

Steered by the military and DOD contractors, he is placed in charge of the development of defensive weapons. He can live with defense, but the security forces always want more. They teach him to remove problems, the permanent way and he becomes his namesake. A fixer of situations, a ‘mechanic' for the military and government. The secret projects begin involving offensive weapons and 'black ops', research funded by invisible money. Dave sees the corruption around him and decides to leave, but it's too late. He knows far too much about the technology, the payoffs, the killings and their 'business'. He is positioned a number of times for accidents, every time 'fate' preventing his death. Seeing the trend of moving from hunter to hunted, he prepares to leave.

Approaching the ambassador is no help, Dave is a 'dead man walking' and 'too politically hot', they can't help him. They won't even get his family out. So he makes his own way, only to find in Belgium that there are bombs on the commercial airline he and his family have boarded. He should have never called his partner in South Africa the evening before from his hotel room. The plane is delayed and explosives in two suitcases are removed by men in body armor. Dave's ‘white knuckle' ride across the ocean begins.

Once back in Canada, with the economy in collapse, Dave starts a research business. He develops products and performs research for a number of clients. Being classified as a mercenary by your own government has employment disadvantages.

Eventually, Dave is introduced to Powermaster Inc, a company that needs someone who can perform R&D. Six months later he becomes a partner and shareholder. Powermaster is made up of only Samuel Littleman, Bruce Farmer and Dave. A small company, but he is seduced by the lure of power, money and the women. Farmer intrigued by Internet 'chat rooms' becomes somewhat of an addict, pushing Dave to expand his experiences. Eventually, Dave gives in and meets Natalia online. Soon after, a consuming love affair begins between her and Dave. Farmer continues to 'play' online, chatting up women and causing as much collateral damage as possible. At one point Farmer even leaks company information to two of his internet 'conquests'.

After a time, Dave learns of his partner's true natures, when a large investment lands by way of Brad Wiess, Roy Compton and a woman named Jillian from the Golf Course Littleman frequents. Two months after the fact, they want Dave to agree to the restructuring of the company, which would mean committing tax fraud, but Dave disagrees. During discussions, additional information surfaces, the real reasons for associations with universities and the 'purchase' of professors through endowed chairs. His partners have given him a 'new' ruler by which to measure absolute corruption.

Since Dave wouldn't agree to commit illegal and unethical acts, they oppress him as a shareholder and force his removal through a fraudulent claim produced by the lawyer for the shareholders and three other company partners. The same lawyer who prejudices Dave's interests, to the benefit of himself and his clients, the other shareholders. Powermaster directors attempt to blackmail Dave into walking away from the company using Cassandra, but Dave's wife already knows about the affair. Seeing blackmail didn't work, Farmer threatens Dave's wife and children. During the turmoil and negotiations, Dave's affair with Natalia ends in betrayal when he finds she is involved with his ex-partners. Powermaster and Dave finally agree to negotiate an out of court settlement.

Ten months later, his ex-partners breach the settlement agreements, sending an extortive letter and then stopping settlement payments. A new legal battle begins, however, this time their illegal activities will surface in open court. Information will be disclosed, that once public, could destroy buyer confidence in the stock markets as well as put Dave's ex-partners and their associates in jail. The situation descends into tax fraud, public funds fraud, telecommunications fraud and extortion involving mutual funds, universities, accounting firms, lawyers and 'breach of trust' in a government ministry.

Many highly disturbing aspects of the public and private sector, including stock market, mutual funds and university practices, become known as the story progresses.

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Autobiography , Business , Government/Politics , Law , Military/War
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