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Jim Fiore

30190 White Hall Dr
Milton, Delaware, United States


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I am Looking to get published!!!!!

Do you know where Dragons come from? What the differences between Sprytes and Fairies are? What a Goblin or a Troll is? What Unicorns are? Give Up? They are all the magical creatures of Folklore that have been around for hundreds of years.

Josh Curby & His Magical Adventures is a story of a little boy who goes on his first in a series of many unforgettable adventures into the magical worlds of Folklore and Legends. In this first adventure of Josh, he gets summoned by a Great Wizard to help save the Lost Kingdom, there he meets and learns all about the magical creatures and the truths of where they come from, and how they came to be. Josh also learns to face his fears, as he is subjected to battles in his courageous effort to save the Lost Kingdom.

This first adventure of Josh’s, as well as others to come, could be used in the future in schools by teachers to help aid in teaching of the worlds of Folklore and Legends. All information can be cross-referenced in the encyclopedias of Folklore and Legends, as well as on the Internet. These adventures are for children and young adults of all ages, and will even keep adults wanting to turn the pages themselves as they read to their toddlers. These are truly new and exciting stories to keep the old Folklore and the Legends alive. Some of the other adventures of Josh’s to come, that I am currently working on include; Josh Curby and the Unlucky Leprechaun, and Josh Curby and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow..

Interests: Writing, computers, Folklore&Legends,singing

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