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William Stephens

Edmond, Oklahoma, United States

Email: williamcstephens

Woody Allen spoke along time ago of a person seen in his dream as having the body of a crab and head of a Social Worker. I'm the dreaded Social Worker. As a kid I could spell my spelling lessons, but left alone I was apt to spell Jesus with a G. Before computers, those of us who could not spell, where thought by many to be unable to write. But now my computer can spell, so I do not have to - all I have to do is write. And I'm having a wonderful time at it. My published stuff is mostly technical reports, ie, studies of jails, prisons, juvenile courts, public service systems. Do I write for a living? No. Does my work require a lot of writing? Yes. Do I write creatively? Yes, but only in the wee hours, or in the early mornings. My current projects consist of 1) Slapshot Prose - short essays written as reflections on work-related topics (I have three completed to date - my favorite is entitled, "Trackside Psychotherapy: Reflections Following The Knife Fight."); 2)"Case Stories," Stories based on real lives being lived by the clients I see as a Social Worker; 3)"The Scooba Chronicles," an account of the things that happened at a small college in the mid-1950's in my native state of Mississippi - its the place where my mind began, birthed by a psychotic football coach and a masterful English teacher who noticed that I liked words - a fact that had escaped me. She recruited me to drive a carload of students to the Southern Writers Conference and my thought process has not been the same since.

Interests: Creative Non-Fiction First person accounts of experience Case Stories - True life, much stranger than fiction.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No