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Joanne Kate Golding

Agent: none so far
Wellington, New Zealand

Email: jkg01

I am originally from North London, England, but moved to New Zealand in January 2000 (for love of all things), since then I have had to learn to live without family and friends and the security of 'home'. I am currently completeing the final semester of a four year degree in illustration, but have continued to write short stories and poems whenever I can.
I have always used writing as by strongest form of self expression, strangers provide the basis for my short stories and emotions are the source for my poetry. I am hoping that with time, I can incorporate both my illustration skills and my skills as a writer, and build a strong career as a 'story-teller'.
I mostly enjoy writing fiction and at my work at the 19-40 reading audience. It is a mixture of sad tales, smiles, laughter with the odd tear or two thrown in for good measure.
What I am really looking for is some proffessional guidence having never advertised myself in this manner before I would appreciate some advice. If there is anyone out there interested in reading any of my work or if you have some words of wisdom to offer please do not hesitate to contact me .

Interests: Art and design, Music(all kinds), Nature (not creepy-crawlies!!!!), People, Books (read at least one every week), Film, Theatre, I pretty much have an interest in everything!!!!!!!

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes