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John Milor

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Clovis, California, United States


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I was born in Madera, C.A., and currently live in Fresno C.A. While I have distinguished himself with a BS degree, and am currently employed by the Air Force National Guard as a computer security manager, I explore my interest in metaphysical phenomenon through many hours of personal study in paranormal subjects.

My perspective of the paranormal is unique. I have always had an interest in paranormal subjects; astral projection, thought-forms, PSI, ghosts, demonology, UFOs/aliens, Ouija boards, stigmata, and mythical creatures are just a few of the topics I have studied. But while I have always had an interest in paranormal subjects, the foundation upon which I interpret these subjects has been drastically altered in recent years. In 1991, I had a profound dream (vision) that altered the course of my life, and led me to become a born again Christian. I now interpret all of my knowledge of the paranormal with a biblical foundation.

Before becoming a Christian, I used to think the Bible was nothing more than a guide on morality. Since my vision at age 21, I actually decided to read it from cover to cover. I was astonished at what I found. The Bible is literally teeming with paranormal subject matter, and this information is obvious to me, possibly because I am so familiar with so many paranormal subjects.

I have elaborated on my findings in paranormal subjects in both works of fiction, and research. In my first book titled Apparition, I explore the possibility of what people would experience if they were capable of seeing, and traveling into the spiritual dimension of reality. In my second book, I have extensively researched the Bible – to include some original Greek and Hebrew translations. What I have found should bring revelation to both the Christian and New Age communities, and hopefully aid in the fight against a mountain of deception that I beleive will soon overshadow the earth. This deception will come under the cloak of the UFO/alien phenomenon, which is inexplicably intertwined with the demonic.

It should be noted that found all throughout my second book, Aliens in the Bible, is the word possibility. When I spot something in scripture that looks like evidence in support of a particular theory, I emphasize that my interpretation should only be construed as a possibility. The reason for this is that I think it’s a good idea to have a large collection of possibilities open, so that if something happens in the history of world events that may come as a shock to the Christian community, these possibilities will be made available. For example, if alien life presents itself to the world, and there is undeniable proof that there is other life in outer space, my research into this possibility would serve a valuable purpose. It would ground Christians with the knowledge that simply because there exists life on other planets doesn’t mean that the Christian paradigm is false. According to my research, the Bible supports the existence of life on other planets; it doesn’t refute it.

I consider Aliens in the Bible to have a dual purpose; first, to reveal the light of Christ to those who are seeking – which are imbedded in the New Age movement. Second, I hope to warn the world of an up and coming deception the likes of which the people of earth have never seen.

Over the last three years, I have been compelled with an unquenchable sense of urgency to complete Aliens in the Bible, and to get it into as many hands as possible. It is for this reason that on my web site, I offer this book for free to anyone that simply doesn’t have enough money to afford it, or thinks it’s not worth the price. (It's free in electronic format, not hard copy format).

My latest work, "The Paranormal Christian", is currently unpublished. It documents a collection of paranormal articles and experiences that I have collected throughout my life. Some of them are the experiences of people I know, and some of them are from people I don't know. For those that have generated a curiosity about me from my other odd books, prepare yourself for my personal testimony about how I became I Christian. Be warned - this is some wild and freaky stuff man!

P.S. "The Paranormal Christian" is also free in electronic format on my website, at

Interests: Paranormal and biblical studies, writing (obviously), computers, church activities, outdoor activities, and playing the drums.

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  • Apparition
  • Nonfiction

  • Aliens in the Bible
  • The Paranormal Christian