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Patrick Michael Forkin

Agent: None
Aldersbach, Germany


Biographical note.
My nationality is English with Germany as my adopted country of residence. An education in Law, Economics and Industrial Relations resulted in Part 1of a BA degree. At thirty I held my first Directorship in the Finance Function of a small Company. Following a career in IBM in Systems Engineering and marketing, my work environment has included, as MD, the turning round of a destitute company and the formation of an own Consultant Company. The experiences gained have led to the cultivation of my writing interests and the ability for observation and comment.
More than that, my business career has been the back-cloth to numerous client company reports and extensive documents ranging from market investigations, research reports, product and technology justifications, to marketability and competitive evaluations and on to strategic direction documents. In the latter years my company has been associated with leading edge software developments from clients and their introduction into new markets. The application areas, extensively reported on have been PC client-server application systems. Emphasis has been on communications, terminal systems and latterly enterprise systems and e-commerce. The audiences for the reports have ranged from internal management to shareholders and investors, from clients to new partners.
The same experiences led to developing the tendency to accept very little at face value, to question most contentions and research and develop my own interpretations. It also conditioned a leaning towards understatement to avoid any likelihood of contended overemphasis.

Writing Published:

Non Fiction Books Published:
One book entitled „Campus card Systems in Higher Education“ has been published in English by a small German Publishing house WEIDLER VERLAG in Berlin. ISBN 3-89693-113-X

Writing awaiting Publication:

A collection of articles are now ready for publication.
Fiction work:
I have written two further books; one is a novel on an internet “fraud” and the second is a novel on an attempt to create a new society form.
Non fiction work:
A further work is a book on „how to write a best-seller“. This book is also intended to be used as the basis for an internet based “learning to write” course, using Interactive Hypertext.

I am in the process of sorting out how to have these books published.

Interests: Kind of work sought: * Commissioned articles in a business, managerial or social environment for hardcopy or electronic magazines * Writing for a knowledge based economy and associated knowledge engineering product environment. * Technica

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes