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Tom Hunn

Estepona, Spain


Not A Bad Life: Author - Tom Hunn
This is no book full of heroic acts and derring-do; rather it is the story of me and my
families – the young boy’s family of a father, a mother and two siblings; a young
married man and his young wife and young children; growing older with older
children and a wife who fell out of love with him; a grandfather who loves his children
and grandchildren and finally, an elderly man who insists upon being a gentleman,
finding another love with a smaller, newer family.

I was inspired to write this by a subject raised on the Jeremy Vine Show on BBC
Radio 2 during the early part of December 2004, wherein people were urged to write
down the memories of their life, in order for future generations to understand a little
more of how we lived and to illustrate the minutiae of daily life that might not
otherwise be recorded.

This has been recorded through the memories evoked by the various addresses
where I have lived over the last nearly 70 years. Unusually, for most people, I have
lived at 42 different addresses in eight very different countries – in the UK that
includes England, Wales and Scotland and I have also lived in Germany, Sweden,
Australia, France and now Spain. As for working in all of the above, except
Australia, I can include Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Denmark, Holland, Abu Dhabi
and Norway together with overseas holidays that have been taken in America, the
former Yugoslavia, Cyprus, Ireland (Eire), Italy, Greece and New Zealand and now
visits to Gibraltar. Please realise that the memories recalled may be a trifle
coloured, always dependent upon whether it was a good or a bad experience. Now,
in 2014, I’m still writing but aiming to finish on my 70th Birthday. All in all it’s been
Not A Bad Life!

As well as being interested in the contemporary landscapes of my life since 1944, I
have also had a great interest in our family’s genealogy. On the Father’s Hunn side,
I have it traced back to 1580 and on the Mother’s and my Grandmother’s side, I
have traced the Dent Family back to 1675, been given a link back to Egil, King in
Sweden (c 530) and found a link to Sir Francis Drake’s Father Edmund in 1566.
The whole tree, including a side branch descended from Ioanni Kapodistrias, the
first President of Greece, can be found in Appendix C (to be added). This work
would not have been possible without the unselfish assistance of many other
genealogists who are more than willing to share their research – my grateful thanks
to them all are included in that appendix.

Interests: writing, family, genealogy

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Freelance: Yes