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eva gabu

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia



I'm into a lot of things so if anyone asks me what is my favourite thing to do I'd have a hard time answering.
I usually have a lot of ideas to put but I often lack the ability to find a suitable beginning. I can't really express my ideas and imaginations through my voice and often put them to words, thus creating stories.

As a normal teenage girl, I'm a complex being with a lot of interests. Though I seldom read melodramatic romances or tragedies, I'm very much into horror, mysteries and of course, romance-comedies.
I love having fun as much as the next person but I also adore my solitude. I get ideas every time I space out from reality--which is most of the time--but don't always put them immediately into words.
The hardest part for me is probably to think of suitable names and backgrounds for the characters, and of course, to think of a suitable beginning as well.

I honestly don't know what I want to be in the future but I really love writing and I hope to get published, even if I'm not entirely sure I want to put my life into being a writer.

I like reading mangas and watching anime, also watching romance-comedies and horror or mysteries. I get ideas in the weirdest places!

I don't have much experience in writing competitions but I do well in writing. I classify myself as childish and an introvert, preferring to be alone and playing the piano or being on the computer.

I'm bad at casual sports but I do love certain activities like figure-skating(even though I've only tried it a few times), rock-climbing and flying fox.

Interests: writing, getting published, horror, romance-comedies, mysteries...etc...

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes