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Ginny Fleming

New Albany, Indiana, United States


On the dark and stormy night Ginny Fleming was born, the Earth shook
(somewhere), the planets swirled (somewhere-- out there) and
(somewhere-- in a galaxy far far away) life formed from a thick,
bubbly primordial soup, which coincidentally resembled the very
first meal Fleming prepared for her husband many, many (back
when dirt was a pup), many years ago.

Fleming first told the world she wanted to be a ballerina.
The world replied: "Tell me another one, Stumblefoot."
After that, she kept her hopes and dreams to herself.
Over the years, after failing to become a veterinarian
(her brother informed her it meant she couldn't ever eat meat
again), a nurse (they shove the thermometer **WHERE**?),
a missionary (the natives are all veterinarians, right?)
and a Wild-Wild-West-Horse-Riding-Cowgirl (all the *real*
horses live across the river and get too skinny running
the Kentucky Derby), she finally closed her eyes and listened
for that small clear voice deep inside. When at last it spoke,
Fleming thought it said:


After spending years painting everything that
moved, she finally threw up her hands (though she'd not really
eaten them-- merely nibbled a fingernail or two) and had to
admit perhaps she'd misheard the small clear voice. Perhaps it
had not whispered "Artist" after all. Perhaps it had merely
mumbled. Perhaps it was only her stomach growling.

Somewhere along the way, Fleming stumbled across
her first computer. After cussing a blue streak and massaging
her injured toe, she looked around the room for the idiot who'd
leave a perfectly good computer in her path. Booting up the
contraption, she was surprised to hear it whisper:


She took that to be Word From On High and promptly
climbed the basement stairs (futilely searching for the lofty
Voice of Inspiration) and ate a chocolate cupcake (just in
case it was her stomach grumbling again).

While Fleming proudly takes credit for the death and
destruction of at least three computers, she *is* mildly
surprised to have extracted many screenplays
and novels from the Gates-Inspired Tool of the Devil.

The Southern Indiana Writers (SIW) regularly contribute
to her delinquency. The motley "Gang of Writers" (and what a
motley crüe they are!) meet weekly at a steepled church in
Edwardsville, Indiana that (surprisingly) doesn't fall down in
a smouldering heap when Fleming enters the holy doors.

Fleming requested (read: forced) us to add:

Marian! T.Lee! Joy! Janey! Teddi! Glenda! Mary! Ardis! Joanna! Carl! Bonnie! Dirk! Jeannine! Samantha!

...and especially...

George Lopez!!!

A big shout-out to our favorite
Architect/Writer/SIW member living in Illinois!!!

We miss you, Man-- ALL the time!!!


Writing Experience:

I've optioned three scripts for the ensemble sitcom “TIA” -- Reborn Free (episode #5) and Munchkin Madness-- (episodes #22 and #23), and I have two original sitcoms with bible and episode projections: "B.R. Dream, Inc." and "Life's A Beach!"

Three feature-length comedy scripts: “HeavenSent”, “Little Redd Ryden in the `Hood”, “Rental Unit”, and a USA Network “Monk” ("Mr. Monk and the Case of the Phobic Fabio"-- written as spec).

“DRAGONSAYVER” (fantasy novel) e-published, “KEYS OF ILLUSION” (romance novel, first of a series), “KINDERGEIST” (horror novel), "Cowboy Randy & Me" published in the Louisville Courier Journal, and “PATIENCE, JEDEDIAH” a self-illustrated children's book.

I'm a founding member of the Southern Indiana Writers-- As a group we publish theme-based anthologies, and we teach a writing class at Indiana University Southeast. I've been a writer/panelist at Conglomeration (Sci-Fi Convention-- Louisville). I freelance with an independent movie company in Louisville, designing the movie poster and Video/DVD box. Working with BOLD Productions gave me a little knowledge about movie production.

Representation Status/History:

I was represented by the L. Harry Lee Literary Agency (WGA signatory) until the death of L. Harry Lee closed the agency. All scripts are WGA registered.

Hobbies and Other Interests:

I'm a certified scuba diver, graphics major, owned by two cats, active member of the British Sports Car Club of Louisville, a collector of artist dolls and study magical illusion as a hobby.

Favorite Quote:

"Call me a Liar, call me a Writer-- Believe it or not! Believe it or not!"
Borrowed (lifted) from my personal fav singer/writer (drool)--
Jimmy Buffett

Please contact me if any of this rant intrigues you
(especially if you're Jimmy Buffett)-- but *not* if it
intrigues you in **THAT** way.

(But, on second thought... *IF* you're Brad Pitt
and you want me-- In ANY-- Let me stress that word--
ANYway, you want me-- to write you the funniest
script you've ever read-- I'll be your *friend*)


At this time, I have five scripts in PDF format, all WGA registered:

"Little Redd Ryden in the `Hood"-- Comedy-- During the Christmas season, on a business trip to promote Louisville's Kentucky Derby, Redd Ryden, spoiled former child-star, lands in jail, and is sentenced to serve out her time in Farnsley House, a busy community center run by the "`hood's" own activist/philanthropist, Danny Goode (or as Redd calls him: "The rabid do-gooder-- Saint Dan the Goode"). Will Redd survive doing "Hard Time in Lousyville", but miss out on Paris and Lindsay's holiday bashes? Can Redd find the Christmas spirit in time to work the "Miracle of the Christmas Turkeys" for a houseful of hungry, blizzard-stranded Farnsley House patrons? (Redd: "I thought turkeys cooked themselves by immaculate convection...") And after a desperate petition to Heaven, will Redd receive divine help from the angels? (...REAL angels... as in dead... Hell's Angels) "Little Redd Ryden in the `Hood"-- a feel-good holiday "pre-classic", along the lines of "It's a Wonderful Life"-- a terrific vehicle for Debra Messing, Britney Spears, Sandra Bullock, Drew Barrymore, or CMT singer Taylor Swift-- Perfect!

"Rental Unit"-- Comedy-- Benny & Patsy Sebastian dive head-first in the reality that is realty. Two middle-class people buy and renovate a huge, old, dilapidated building with 6 apartment units. Money's tight, so they do much of the work themselves. Along the way, they battle City Hall, share the road with enraged gun-wielding elderly drivers, escape the clutches of single-minded police officers, side-step the wrecking ball-- numerous times-- disrupt a somber funeral, and "get better acquainted" with their very own "professionally entertaining little old lady" (i.e. "retired prostitute"), manically depressed clown, full-body tattooed interior decorator ("Inky-Boy") and an actual-factual vampire ("Count Alucard". Yes-- "Dracula" backwards)-- and don't forget the raccoons! Perhaps Benny & Patsy have bitten off more than they can chew.... A perfect vehicle for Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson, or Vince Vaughn.

"HeavenSent"-- Comedy-- Marian has suddenly become very accident prone. Apparently, "little things" are trying to kill her. The over-stressed woman's last "accident" (a blown tire at the top of "Bald Knob" Road) sends her into the path of a fully-loaded school bus. Later, coming out of the light coma in the hospital, she's surprised to find an old boyfriend, Robin, by her side. Marian's surprised, as Robin died a couple of years before. Robin brings up the strangeness of Marian's sudden rash of accidents and flat out accuses his ex-fiancée's "Kennedy-Clone"/New Senator husband of "trying to do her in" (aided by Marian's female doctor). With the murderous couple on her tail (but abetted by Robin's "Heavenly" assistance), Marian "takes it on the lam" and "finds herself" down-island-- Key West way, happily cruising on the HeavenSent. Fantastic vehicle for a Jim Carrey-type (as Robin) and "Dancing With The Stars"/"Hairspray's" Marissa Jaret Winokur (as Marian).

"B.R. Dream, Inc."-- Comedy-- (Sitcom Pilot)-- Along with his beautiful wife, teenage daughter and twin toddler sons, Billy is caretaker for his Granny Gilda Mae. No problem! Factor in Granny G's 2000 year old "friend" Baa-Baa Ram-Bam... Problem. Besides Billy, and his family, Granny G has her grandson's best friend, Rocky to protect her from her evil daughter-in-law (Granny G's late son's widow). Evil Aunt Mable is "Satan in an ugly dress" (according to Billy), always trying to "put Granny G in a home and take over her assets". But Billy'd have an easier time keeping his Granny safe from Aunt Mable if it weren't for her special friend, Baa-Baa Ram-Bam. It seems, at the drop of a hat, Granny G "channels" her 2000 year old barbarian friend, who happens to be an authority on practically everything... whether or not he comprehends the question. In fact, Baa-Baa's wisdom is for the birds. Namely, Pterodactyls. This ensemble show ("Billy & Rocky's" Dream, Inc.-- their partnership business) is a marvelous vehicle for an Anthony Clark-type actor (as Billy) and SNL's Jim Breuer (as best friend, Rocky) and a Patrick Warburton-type (as Baa-Baa Ram-Bam).

"Life's A Beach!"-- Comedy-- (Sitcom Pilot)-- Nicky used to have money. Big money. Now he manages the "Life's A Beach!" resort on Sarasota's Siesta Key. Nicky thought his life couldn't sink any lower. Then-- SURPRISE!-- he meets his new boss-- Gretchen-- Nicky's "Spoiled-by-Daddy Heiress" ex-wife. An ensemble show with a gaggle of zany characters-- some of which (it's simply in their job description, you understand) run around all day in skimpy bikinis. "Life's A Beach!"-- ALL the eye-candy of Baywatch-- without ALL the hassle... hoff. Perfect for a Steve Carell-type (as Nicky).



"I don't bite--- I just nibble around the edges a little."

Interests: Screenwriting, novels, short stories, days & nights spent strolling on white sand beaches, pulling the wings off small angry insects, mermaids, amethyst, blank checks, and silver... These are a few of my fav-O-rite things...

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • "Tia"