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Michael Finn

7514 Burgoyne #220
Houston, Texas, United States


Michael Ashleigh Finn has been working science fiction and animation conventions for literally longer than he can remember, since at the tender age of twenty he developed retrograde experiential amnesia...a life changing event if ever there was one. Still, his wry wit mostly likely developed from that little "hiccup," and it definately allows him to look at life from an odd angle.
He has a degree in film as well as one in forensic anthropology, which qualifies him to make movies about zombies, but does not explain why he pays rent as a technical analyst for a global energy company. He shares his home with 2 cats and the one and only Claudia T. Smith, and has never worked as a short order cook.
That last bit may disqualify him from being an author.

Interests: Speculative fiction (both reading and reviewing); film (both viewing and creating); digital art (creating and perousing); cultural mythology; forensics and anthropology; computers; music (tastes, like everything else, are ecclectic)

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Winds of Limbo Roar
  • Voyeur
  • The Letter of the Law