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Ethan Nahté

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, United States


Home page:

Ethan Nahté is primarily a speculative fiction author during his free time when he isn't busy writing and editing for the "Arkansas Out-of-Doors" newspaper as part of his job as Executive Director of the Arkansas Wildlife Federation. He currently has seven published short stories and one other that will be out shortly. He has three novels in the works that range from an all-ages tall tale to a romantic action/adventure story to a continuation of his short story of Darmok.

He has also worked in many fields in the entertainment industry:

* He performed as a professional musician in rock, country, and new age bands.

* He has over 25 years of experience in TV/Video/Film/Radio, directing, shooting, and editing productions which have appeared on The Discovery Channel, USA Network, ABC, Fox News, Much Music, and MTV. He has also written and/or produced several TV & radio commercials. He also produced his own TV programs for cable in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, interviewing many bands, authors, actors, and athletes.

* He has been a professional journalist for more than 20 years, writing and shooting photography for nearly 30 newspapers, magazines, and e-zines. He has interviewed many bands, authors, and actors for a variety of publications.

* He has managed artist Cynthia Van Way Hampton, pianist Tish Rogers, and a handful of now-defunct rock bands. He also produced an EP for Rogers.

* Two of his screenplays are currently floating around Hollywood.

* He has a two-part documentary in the works on author Robert E. Howard.

Interests: Music, film, writing, the outdoors, photography, and hockey

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Bubbas, Barbarians and Yumbies...Oh My!
  • Darmok and the Mermaids
  • I Didn\'t Quite Make it to Oz
  • Ripping Jack
  • Wharf Wars
  • Forest of the Golden Acorn
  • Darwin Was Right