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Cherelle Sambrano

barataria, Trinidad and Tobago


My name is Cherelle Sambrano, I am a Trinidadian of mixed decent.
I was born on the 29th of December alongside my twin sister . I started writing
two years ago,I found writing to be fun and interesting.When i first started i would
write about all the encounters that I've faced in my life from the good to the bad. I
developed a passion for writing and not only did it help be recognize my creativity
and talent but it also helped me to be a positive thinker.I write because i believe that
writing is the only way to express my feelings and to release any negative energy that
may override my mind and body. When I write i feel like a different person in a
different world, it assists me in seeing things and life as such in a different perspective as it brings life to
words that are on a sheet of paper. My goal is to touch people's heart and lives with
my writing and to reach a wide circle of audience so that they can hear the powerful message
in my writing and maybe learn a few things from my experience. Writing is not just a
skill nor talent but it's also is a form of power and with power greatness is achieved.

Interests: I like singing and entertaining, I write to express my feelings and inner thoughts and also to demonstrate my passion and creativity that i have for writing.I'm also interested in socially interacting with others and meeting new people.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


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