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Melissa Lee Gruenler

Agent: Xetra Dax Syntax
Atlantic Beach, Florida, United States


Yahoo: Mielyssia

Hi My name is Melissa Lee Gruenler. I was born and raised in New York City. I am an urbanite who lives in Florida. I have been writing all of my life. Whether it is for blogs, for fun or profit, I love to write about controversial subjects. I also write about counseling, psychology and I love interviewing people to get the whole story. I delve deep. I often stick to the integrity of writing objectively about the person or situation. I am not a "reporter" because I do not "backstab" the subject or person. This is why I can almost get any interview. I make sure I keep a good track record when it comes to feature journalism.

I have been published in a few books. I worked at a New Youth City Wide Journalism Magazine in highschool. I was a Intern for "New Youth Connections" Newspaper. Most of my published articles received attention and were later republished in a few books. They can be found on the internet. Most articles were about violence in NYC or what the school systems were incorporating to make it safer. I also wrote about cool subcultures and interesting offbeat paths of many individuals.

Most mentionable book "The Harvard Educational Review" for "Gaybashers: What are they trying to proove?". If you google my name this is what will mostly pop up along with my music and lyrics pages.

I am an urban writer so I often delve into controversial subjects and get both sides of the story using investigative research and interviews.

I love freelancing. I often write movie reviews and restaurant food critiques. My favorite writing is feature Journalism articles or investigative new subjects that are explored for the public to read. I also write love lyrics and dark angsty lyrics. I have a blog called
"Samantha Rants "The Media Nightmare" on Which are commentaries on the media news and it is a dark comedy!

I am looking to get started again in writing for freelance, or for small time music zines, local newspapers,feature articles and creative screen writing or theater projects that have to do with interesting writing. I am not desperate to write anything. I have a non related career in the military.So I often have to be interested in the subject to write about it with passion. All requests will be honored and I will be happy to write or research the subject if I am emailed or contacted.

Interests: Lyrics, Music Software Composer, Dark Poetry, Essays on American Subculture, Music Reviews, Movie Reviews, Feature Journalism, Interviews, Researcher, Investigative Journalism, Military Wars, Controversial, Conspiracies, Teen Books, Articles on Science an

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Gay Bashers: What are they trying to proove?
  • Poetry

  • Lockdown Contract