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Tirane, Albania

Leon Qafzezi(Writer-Filmmaker-Critic)Born in Tirane,Albania,in 1953.
Graduated in "Academy of Art"(1977) in Tirane.Worked some time in village for
experience of live..Worked in Film-Studio"New Albania"and "Alb-Film Distribution"in
duty,Producer,Inspector of Films,and Actor...Head of" Council of Trade Union" of Alba-
Film-Distribution(1990-1992)Head of "Eagle Film Albania"(1992-2004)Editor and Chief
of "FILM"magazine(1992-2002).
Worked in "Albania National Television"(1992-1998)in duty,Director in "Film
Department"and Director of Photography and Journalist in "Programming Department"
Author of several novels,poetry,short stories and publicity..Author of several books for
cinema,and author of numerous documentaries films for televisions...
Filmed in Albania,USA,France,Italy,Germany..Now is Editor and Chief of "OPERA-
BALET"and "Theatre"magazines.(2013)

Interests: To translation my new novel...

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • \"Novela te Zgjedhura\"
  • \"Vrimat e Zeza\"
  • \"Autore\"
  • \"Qielli Poshte\"
  • \"Pashaporte per Ferr\"
  • \"Tregu i Enderrave\"
  • Nonfiction

  • \"Me xhirime\"
  • Poetry

  • \"Eda\"
  • \"Dashuri pa Kredi\"
  • \"Funerali i te Gjalleve\"
  • Other

  • \"Kubrick\"
  • \"Mjeshter te medhenj te Filmit\"
  • \"Filmi Shqiptar dhe Koha\"
  • \"Portrete Kineastesh\"
  • \"Historiku i Kinematografise Boterore\"
  • \"Intervista per Filmin\"
  • \"FILM\"magazine
  • \"Godard\"
  • \"Film Reportage\"(Album Fotografik)