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Joe Cawley

Tejina, Spain


It was whilst holding aloft a not-altogether-pleasant-smelling mackerel that the decision was made.
I had been dabbling with writing - the odd article accepted here, more rejected elsewhere, whilst taking whatever jobs came along to support myself and to allow me to save enough for my next overseas excursion.

I have been a film production assistant in Springfield, Mass. - one of my more challenging days involved persuading an uncooperative dog, to pee on command in exactly the right spot for the camera, I did it but that's another story; a holiday rep in Italy, earning 40 per week for 24/7 work and having to 'borrow' food from our clients villas; a chef in the Canary Islands (don't ask me to boil an egg); a musician in Scotland (I know what they wear under their kilts and it ain't pretty); and a trader on a fish market in the north of England which leads us back to the decision.

It was the worst job that I have ever had to do. Cold, disheartening, low paying and friend-shedding (would you want to go out for a drink with me if I constantly minged of stale trout?).

So I decided that I would foresake a profession in fish entrails and concentrate more on my writing career. Which I did, and now my friends are returning and I can make a full-time living out of putting pen to paper. I mainly write travel articles but have also had pieces published about other subjects, from cockroaches to car maintenance.

If you you would like to pay me handsomely for working for you, as long as it doesn't involve fish, contact me at

Interests: travel and writing, wraveling and triting - any combination of the above

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes