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Kelly Steed

Marion, Ohio, United States


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An old adage warns: If you don't know your history, you will be forever condemned to repeat it. "Likewise, if you don't know your science fiction, and heed its warnings, you could condemn the Earth to future catastrophe."
Kelly Steed

Kelly is a typical Aries ignited with the passion of her element FIRE and tempered with the steel of her ruling planet MARS. Her two great childhood loves were history and science fiction so it was natural to pursue a career as a Speculative Fiction (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal) author. She loves proposing the question “What if?” to see where that takes her in a story. History and science fiction work well in tandem in this arena. She also loves the idea of time travel and has on occasion wanted to cross that veil. Kelly's stories are generally grounded in her real-life experiences or historical events that take on a paranormal twist (sometimes only in her imagination).

Kelly also writes Historical Fiction and Nonfiction Ghost Stories. She has been published in two Haunted Encounters Anthologies published by Atriad Press and FATE Magazine.

Due to author branding she writes Young Adult Speculative Fiction as Kelly R. Roberts.

"Beyond the Veil,
In Heaven and on Earth
The Ethereal and the Mortal,
Shall Measure their worth."
Kelly R. Roberts Books

She was born in Detroit, MI. Educated in parochial schools, she is active in the fight to save her grade school St. Bartholomew where she graduated from 8th grade in 1980. Her St. Bartholomew School series (currently in development) takes place at her alma mater.

Kelly grew-up involved in Civil War and later Revolutionary War Reenacting. She has portrayed a soldier's daughter, army nurse, light infantry soldier, fur trader, a hospital matron, and a senator’s daughter. And not just any state senator, but a Congressional Senator from Washington!!! There is a photo of her with her parents in Civil War attire on The Detroit News website. The picture wast was printed in the paper in the 1970s.

Kelly’s father portrayed Abraham Lincoln during Civil War Days at Fort Wayne in Detroit. Lincoln had only sons so to keep the reenactors in period she was made a senator's daughter traveling with the Lincolns for her own safety. She even had her own bodyguards, two privates from the 1st. Michigan Infantry and they were cute!

Growing up, Kelly and her friends created stories set around a favorite science fiction television series and sometimes acted them out. Eventually they began to write them down. She credits this childhood experience with teaching her to put plots together while reenacting gave her the ability to convey emotional intensity.

She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in US History from Northern Michigan University and was a founding member of the Society for the Preservation of the Imagination (SPI) the campus science fiction club 1985-89. In 2008, her Maggie Mae House Halverson Hall Northern Michigan University Jacket became a permanent part of The Beaumier Upper Peninsula Heritage Center's collection. It was on display in their opening exhibit This Northern Century: Student Life at Northern Michigan University that ran from September 2008 until April 2009.

In 2007, she cofounded the Marion County Fiction Writers (OH) along with Historical Romance Author Judi Thoman. Kelly ran the group, acted as webmaster and publicity agent until the group closed in 2009. . Kelly is also the founder of O.B.I.T. (Ohio Battlefield Investigative Team) ghost hunters who specialize in military hauntings . She’s also a former member of the The Mid-Ohio Writers Association based out of Mansfield, OH.

Kelly was a guest on the Paranormal Divas Radio Show on ASPR part of the Alabama ParaSpiritual Radio Network in 2008. In October 2010, she was a guest blogger at Wicked Muses during their Parascary Festival of Writers.

Kelly was the editor/publisher of the Kelly Steed, Speculative Fiction Author Newsletter 2003-2013. You can read her blog Speculative Fiction/YA Author at

She is also a freelance photographer. She is currently creating a back log of photos with the intention of matting and framing photos for sale at art fairs and in area stores.

You can read more about her at:


February 2001, Honorable Mention in the Rotten Romance Contest sponsored by Hutton Publications.

Whose Been Walking On My Bed? about her husband going on another astral walkabout from his body and freaking her out, FATE Magazine, August 2001.

Bedside Vigil for the Saved, about the after death visit of Kellys grandmother on a night Kelly nearly lost her own life, FATE Magazine, January/February 2002.

He Did it to Me Again!, a follow-up to her story Whos Been Walking on My Bed? (FATE Magazine Aug. 2001), FATE Magazine April 2003.

Near-Death Flyby, about seeing a neighbor passing over after shed perished in a fire in their apartment building, FATE Magazine, July 2003.

Comforting Mommy, about the after death visitation of her guinea pig Wallace, FATE Magazine, July 2005.

May/June 2001 Creative Journal Contest Finalist, Writing Is

Kellys biography was chosen for publication in Marquis Whos Who of American Women 2005-2006 25th Silver Anniversary Edition.

Interests: Speculative Fiction: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Teen Romance, Historical Fiction Non-Fiction: Ghost Stories Personal: Historical Reenacting and Period Clothing Construction, Sci-Fi Cons, Travel, Hiking and Caving

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Haunted Encounters Real-Life Stories of Supernatural Experiences
  • DARE TO BE PUBLISHED: 50 Authors Help You Write, Market and PUBLISH in the New Century by Dallas Hodder Franklin
  • Haunted Encounters: Personal Stories of Departed Pets