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Ken Polson

Gau-Bickelheimer Str 26
Sprendlingen, Germany


I grew up in the country, by a small town in Missouri where I could run the forest, swim in the rivers and ponds, and had plenty of dark, cold and wet caverns to explore and dream. I went to a wonderful public school where I found a way to express my fantasy in words and bring my dreams out so that others could share them. My major entertainment was role playing games and enjoying the simple things in nature.
Out of school, I would soon join the US Army and broaden my knowledge of the world outside my tiny community, to include countries like Italy, Germany, Iraq and Yugoslavia. With a new outlook on how the world worked my natural curiosity to drive me, I began to look how other cultures can see the same thing differently.
Once I finished with an Army career, and armed with a new and wonderful family, I began to use some of my other talents and start a new career in government contracting. This short career would take me all over Europe and the Middle East where I would actually spend more time dealing with local civilians and culture.
From all of this I have learnt something very important. In the world there are monsters that roam the dark and speak dark things into the ears of the unwary, and there are people that fight them.

Interests: Science Fiction, and Fantasy. Chess.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes