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DC Musgrove

San Diego, California, United States


Home page:

My writing career evolved unexpectedly from a 30 year quest to understand the nature and source of life. I wanted to know why the source of life was such a hard question for scientists. It has remained the ultimate riddle now for over 12,000 years of civilization.

I didn't know when I began this journey it would be the ultimate adventure. I just had some "simple" questions for which I couldn't find complete and credible answers. 30 years later, this research resulted in my first book about a theory on the true origins of life and the Universe: A View Beyond the Stars. As fantastic as that may sound, the book is actually quite plausible and offers a third theory, which builds on and finally connects the other 2 widely divergent theories: creation versus evolution. More importantly, I discovered some exciting answers to the hardest questions.

Besides being a writer of life's deep mysteries, I am a successful business owner, husband and father, private pilot and yacht sailor. But the adventure continues and now I have even more questions to answer.

Interests: science, philosophy, sci-fi, world history

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • A View Beyond the Stars