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Avion Anderson

Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago

My name is Avion Wendy Anderson. I am employed fulltime as an Insurance Clerk, at a Motor Vehicle Insurance Company, in Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago and work part-time as a Freelance Creative Writer offering high quality comprehensive creative writing and consultancy services in the development of new ideas for various television, theatre and film treatments and proposals involving series and single drama, docudrama, reality and documentary projects, by helping to originate and/or produce exciting, original and well-informed concepts for television programmes, theatre shows and films which facilities social change through its philosophy and everyday living; including scriptwriting, doctoring scripts, treatments and proposals, and script and editorial development and consultancy services - to small and medium-sized independent and well-established actors, writers, directors, producers, filmmakers, production and theatre companies, newspapers, magazines, television and network stations, and to all other personnel’s and companies involved in the television, and theatre industry, locally, regionally and internationally

I have written several treatments, screenplays and proposals for television projects, in dramas (family, teen/youth, legal, romance, medical, religious, crime and a number of others), reality, docudrama/documentaries and soap opera genres; which are all based on the multifarious (cultural, religious, social, language (ways of speaking), family morals and values and economical and more) diversity of my twin island country of Trinidad and Tobago and even the multi-ethnicity of its people, with more particular interest to the land of my birth, Tobago and the people, who tries to live in harmony with one another and work together in making a better life and creating a safe haven for themselves, their loved ones and others and even for the coming generation, as a family unit and independently as individuals - as they learn to deal with each other and striving for excellence in everything that they do along with pursuing their dreams, overcome obstacles, to coping and dealing with the demands and pressures of their schooling/jobs/workloads, doubled with the responsibilities that comes with bearing, raising and bringing up children - to them always being there twenty-four seven (24/7) for other family members, relatives, friends, enemies and the general public – and also dealing with some very mind-boggling, emotional, complicated, as well as picture perfect love life, engagements, marriages, divorces and other things, from a fictional point of view; but non-fictional in coming up with solutions at either coping, dealing and addressing the numerous issues, problems and plagues [teenage pregnancy, Aids, rape, crime, child abuse, spouse abuse, substance abuse, cancer, prostitution, pornography, homosexuality, racism, gender discrimination and equality, drug abuse and trafficking, human trafficking, teen marriages, war, politics, and more) which is continuously endangering our daily lives and feverishly robbing us of the goodness and beauty of our people, our home, society, country, nation and the planet – we call Earth; in their own personal way; whether negative or positive - which has either caused most of them to question their own existence and purpose on Earth and/or have even driven them to the very brink of collapse (fighting their inner demons, depression, eating disorders, families, friends, employers, co-workers and more) and even over the edge to the point of committing (malice, mayhem, murder and suicide). In the end it will their fate and belief in themselves and each other, which most often have cost them pain, due to betrayal of trust, envy, greed, lies, secrets, broken promises, power, lust and pride in themselves and which has even put most of their friendships, relationships and family ties to the very test, that has seen many breaking up, destroyed and even mending, and also have brought lots of joy and good cheer to some, while for others a total nightmare and longsuffering, which they continue to struggle with daily and it is these experiences and events that will either break and/or make each individual and also the families who are what they truly are today; from both a fictional and non-fictional point-of-view.

My inspirations comes mostly from deep within my soul and from the norms of society, my surroundings and the general public; and thus I am able to grip the audiences and readers attention, keeping them in suspense and sometimes on the wrong track with the characters, who are not at most what they seem to be; and which has helped me greatly in creating extraordinary characters and numerous events and scenarios which occurs in many of my treatments, proposals and screenplays – which can be found on my blogs on my website at both MySpace and Facebook, where the general public can view and even get an idea about my life experiences from infancy to the present time, among other things and even send their comments.

Interests: Creative writing, scriptwriting and all other writing related to the development and production of the television, theatre and film industry.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes


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