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Merlin Lockey

TRENCIN, Slovakia

18262 and counting - that's the amount of time in days I've spent on God's great planet (I haven't included womb time) How much of that time has been spent in activity that hasn't been totally productive I'll let you guess. Still I have breathed in and out, walked thousands of miles on my old tootsies and read hundreds of books from cover to cover, sometimes more than once.
I've awoken in strange places, sometimes with strange people (that is I didn't really know them). I've watched the sun set in North Africa, the Middle East, Central and Western Europe, and to cap it all I've plunged my body fully immersed in rivers in Central America and swam in the Carribean. Oh, by the way up to this point I've managed to wake up each morning and see the golden orb return to the sky, so far so good.
I have a loathing of human wolves who eat up all the wealth and leave us sheep chewing on the minuscule of what's remaining. But hey we're all folks, ain't we?

Interests: E.G Poe, Shakespeare, Mark Twain, James Herbert, Classics, Dante, C.G Jung - the previous eminent individuals are both a literary interest and influence.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No