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Brenda Griffin

Agent: Kim Richards
Mount Washington , Kentucky, United States


I'm the daughter of a politician and come from a large family. Continued in that
mode by marrying and having five sons of my own.

I learned at an early age, (8 years old) the overwhelming amount of work that came
with having ten people in a three bedroom house. My jobs seemed never-ending,
and it wasn't long before I created a fantasy-land so I could better deal with it.

In my little girl fantasy, we lived in a mansion. Inside that fantasy grew the reality of
having two rooms added onto the house. It meant more for me to clean but what
was that in comparison to my fantasy being played out?

I was the middle child and tended to be overlooked unless I was needed. I lived in
my room upstairs as much as I was allowed.

People like status, and it was no different for me. I was in the eighth grade when I
became tired of being the underdog in my fantasies, the poor Cinderella whose job
was only to work. I needed a new role.

I created a fantasy around being the daughter of a prestigious man. Daddy spent
most of his time working at the local Fruit Market and I saw him supper-time and
on Saturday morning when he brought donuts in from the local bakery. I missed
him and he was the prestigious man in my fantasies.

That was the year he ran for and was elected Mayor of the City. Have my fantasies
created a real world for me or did I have an eerie sense of the future?

I have lived in a fantasy world for almost fifty years, off and on. I like it there and
create stories that amuse it.

Interests: Writing paranormal fiction, politics, religion

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works: