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Herb McCabe

Prescott, Arizona, United States

Grew up in small town Idaho, Catholic grade school, seminary at age fifteen, ordained in early sixties, got a papal dispensation in late sixties, communication arts masters degree, married, ordained a protestant minister in early seventies, worked in public relations, mass communications of every kind, parish pastor, retired at age 62 and been writing, e-publishing a bit and still writing and seeking publication of books dealing with the world of religious turmoil, conflicts and developments through fiction. I find this to be the most exciting time in history for world religions as they spar with each other in a universe billions of years old and filled with millions of planets far more advanced than planet earth, as we humans stand poised on a complex universe ready to develop with or without our kind of rational beings. Hate violent revelutions and await a time when humans reach sufficient development to find working for achievement a superior way and more desirable than destroying one another to push aside what annoys us.

Interests: Hiking, golf, photography, travel, exploratory science, religious anthropology, world challenges

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


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