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Barbara Rayne

Kastav, Croatia

As an urban child, my getaway from the noise and fast paced city was escaping into the world of books. I lived the lives of characters and subsequently played with alternative scenarios in my own imagination. I created my own plots, added my own role, and changed the world.
When I grew up, I realized just how little a person can change in the society, but the habit of alternative scenarios remained. The most talented writer in the world is life itself and my books are alternative scenarios of what I read in it. Often, you will recognize the seeds of my imaginary, future, dystopian, societies in our present, and hopefully it will make you look at things differently.
The books I write deal with intelligent individuals, well educated, absolutely aware of the world around them, well read, wise; and their clash with societies whose targets are usually those individuals. Why intelligent and wise individuals are dangerous to any regime, is best described in this quote by Osho:

“No Society Wants You to Become Wise”

No society wants you to become wise: it is against the investment of all societies. If people are wise they cannot be exploited. If they are intelligent they cannot be subjugated, they cannot be forced into a mechanical life, to live like robots. They will assert themselves -- they will assert their individuality. They will have the fragrance of rebellion around them; they will want to live in freedom.
Freedom comes with wisdom, intrinsically -- they are inseparable -- and no society wants people to be free. The communist society, the fascist society, the capitalist society, the Hindu, the Mohammedan, the Christian -- no society likes people to use their own intelligence because the moment they start using their intelligence they become dangerous, dangerous to the establishment, dangerous to the people who are in power, dangerous to the "haves"; dangerous to all kinds of oppression, exploitation, suppression; dangerous to the churches, dangerous to the states, dangerous to the nations.

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  • 21 Erased
  • Evolve
  • Nette