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Stuart Moore

Lahti, Finland


I am a British born writer who has never had any work published due to the fact that i have never submitted it to publishers. I do though love to write and have worked on many ideas for short stories. Most of these 'pieces' started as exercises in descriptive writing, it was just something that i would do to fill some time on cold and dark English evenings.

Candlelight and the glow of the laptop screen were the only sources of light that would of illuminated my face. If someone had been there in the room looking at me then i guess the scene would have looked quite romantic, for the reader of this, well, only he or she could say what is in their minds eye! I would sit there for hours and watch the plot develop in front of me.... It's an amazing feeling, as all writers..., as all people that put down their expressions for others to see will attest too. Creation is the key ... To create something ... To tell a story where you are the guide.

Welcome to my world...

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes