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leonard kabunga

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kampala, Uganda


I am a Christian Ugandan male aged 61, married with kids, retired. I grew up as a Catholic and became born again at the age of 50 in 2000 and embarked on a research into biblical truth, which has resulted into my first book, The Messianic Code. In the book, I reveal the Bible as a coded document, a supernatural internet that requires a code or password to interpret correctly. Without this code, the Bible is a difficult document to understand.

Contrary to popular belief, the Bible is not primarily a religious book because the new covenant renders religion obsolete and anyone who reverts to it invokes a curse. Secondly, out of its 66 books, only the first 5 books of the Bible, or 7.5% of scripture, deal with the subject of religion. The rest of the books, or 92.5% of scripture, describe the universal nature of life, its many challenges and how to overcome them, making the Bible a manual of instruction for human existence. Without knowledge of scripture, we pass through this world blindly. From creation to Judgment Day and beyond, the Messianic Code uses contemporary life situations to reveal the vast wealth of useful knowledge, which lies inside the books of the Bible on virtually any subject in the universe. In particular, the Messianic Code corrects the erroneous notion that the Bible is a tool for religious fundamentalism and extremism, which it is not.

I am now looking for a Christian book publisher to publish this book and will appreciate any assistance in this direction. I am new in the field but I am willing to learn and take advice.


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