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B. Wilfred THEMBA

Stanger Durban, South Africa


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This person today to you will be the African *& DSouth African. Where Nelson Mandela was a known.

I was born by means of father who looked intellectually well, and I went to school in the mingle of naughtiest boys but whenever alone, was fully afraid. Knowledge of serving people became throughout my head - and leaders of my country including people sustained collective political survival, but in my growth manliness privacies all my mental pleasures expounded to me large goals for standing like oppressable fool who would end up crippling basics and ends of displeasure systems and wrong local national fascinations, ever since this was hardly good.
They promised to us better country, true and honest, South Africa - while philanthropies were never grouped according to satisfactory jumpings into sparing intellects and sentiments.
All nonsensical delays needed persons who can control personalised angers under regulation of feeling we would support yet still oppressable markets yet towards keeping world more straighter with ideas. There are even from me many entanglement dreams, but expirations of time become see, which still does little keeping me out and out.

I love major creations of unforgettable incubational views - packed too much with prettier wisdoms but never highest conceits. I am principled understanding person. I am today after longer oppression 37 years of age. No racism is carried from my shoulders and mental consuming face. I twist those who invite enemy and blasphemy or blasphemies.

I consider creating new satisfaction breakthrough markets, or the similar groupings who may salute my typical caliber.

I sometimes do not have wonderful electronic contacts, but I love law of the sensitive people.

DATE OF MY BIRTH was one stupid enough to appear in my log-in details for WRITERNET FORUM, but I believed it was not problemmed with that way. I became born in my country South Africa, 1975 September 25, and similar local date is associated with calendar national day called Shaka National Traditional Day - with which to commemorate ethnicity kingdom king who they referred to \\\"remembered warrior\\\". Becoming between 27 and 33 I became wisdom stronger but had known my power of talking prior.
I am forfeiture person for marriage, and such story cannot sweep me off from creations of new craziest legalized religious and emotional stands.

I love globe, theorists and scientists. Presidents of countries going totally slower are my problem, but i never speak under any opportunity. Poor person throughout my life was convinced to be free under only a having of my hatching mother who brought my life, retired nurse.

I never had wonderful / good pictures and photographs due to losses of favor by moneys. Only food became important to me and existence.

I know many statemenst of law. I know many statements of businesses. I know vulnerable communication risks may kill any displeasured foreign communicator who is jumping into business conclusions who would die senselessly without becoming heroic. I always pray internally in the heart for graced empowerment of a memory we are brothers and sisters. We would even meet someday - whether at graves or hydrogen breathing grounds.

Sometimes I develop medium mental power for graphical designs - but am better at fixed writing power.

My father died working long time ago for COCA-cola Softdrink Co. as market restructing clerk. He left me being tipped to live. They stabbed my father. I ALWAYS want altering where I live with persons, always those who are mentally improper.

One last major business agreemnt for sure is that after first impressions are finished with my power, then second impressions may follow by larger credits consumed - just to shock your believing in my points and climatic analyses powers, for several dynamics. I loved American Singers (and other singers): Barry White, Jim Reeves, Ten City, George Benson, Clarence CARTER, Timmy Tomas, Maze / Frank Berverly, Randy Crawford and Kenny G.

I am wrestling supporter - who loved Shaun Michaels and Tripple H. Umaga (easily giving up wrestling champion, was my favourate property loved by me).

My kilograms are sometimes inconstant throughout my body - as as later that publications are my greatest missions, I am looking for business assurance acknowledgement speeds only. And delays keep my business attention confused. I am humblest philanthropist who is searching currently for global custodians of accolades, step by step - under informed contractual speed, (so that even speediness agreement may be pronounced as accolades major property).

That was my medium bio. I never wrote novels. Only non - fiction suited my development for sake of response to power. You can tell ghostwriting may be re-imbursed wherever they entered without prior agreement to me, they get dunned following royalties.

I am father of one. I read entire book of Michael Jackson - Unauthorized ... along clear grasping of it always.


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