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Lucia Verona

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Bucharest, Romania


Home page:

I am a Romanian writer and playwright. My plays are exclusively comedies so far - but maybe in my old years I shall turn serious. Well, almost.

As regards prose-writing, I write fiction and, as I am also a journalist, some kind of non-fiction too. But present day life is so absurd sometimes that you can't very well tell the limit between fiction and non-fiction, between reality and fantasy.

One of my books which I am very proud of is DON JUAN AND THE OTHERS, the "true" story of Don Juan in the 20eth century. It is a very short novel - some 70 pages, so in order to make up to 100 pages I wrote a rather long short story, THE NUCLEAR SECRET, which I turned afterwards into a play.

The volume was published in 1997 by a major Romanian publishing house. In Romanian, of course, which is a very beautiful language, but, unfortunately, not very much spoken outside Romania.
That's why, I tried to find some possibilities to have my book translated and published abroad. I found a very good French translator, who made a really good version. It is available as an E-book at It also appeared on paper in 2005, as "Don Juan et les autres", and I signed some copies at an art event in Paris.
I was not able to find somebody to translate my book into English - not at the level needed, I mean. That's why I created two websites to present my book, with a few excerpts in my own translation, which is far from perfect.

My novel "Required Maze" was published in 2001,and it sold very well. Also in 2001 I got a major literary award - the prize for drama books of the Bucharest Writers Association, for my book of plays "Grand Hotel Europa", published in 2000. In 2002 I wrote a story for children, "Mrs. Santa", and in 2005, besides my don Juan book in French, I had one of my plays, "The Nuclear Secret", published by Azero Publishing House in three languages: Romanian, English and French.
What else can I tell about me? I am a music academy graduate, I like music and books, I write book reviews for a weekly magazine, but my hobbies are travel, cooking&baking and, lately, web-design.

Interests: Fiction, drama, but also non-fiction. Translation - from English, French, Hungarian into Romanian. Also from Romanian into the above mentioned languages, but not at the same quality level.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Labirint obligatoriu (Required Maze), in Romanian
  • Scripts

  • The Nuclear Secret (translated into English) - an E-book
  • The Nuclear Secret (in Romanian, English and French)