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Karin Ficke Cook

Agent: I am looking now.
Davenport, Iowa, United States


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Yahoo: imakerosaries

I come from a family of writers, many of whom have been published. One in
particular, Arthur Davison Ficke, was a celebrated modernist in the 1920's and 30's.
He was also quite an artist and a real character. One of my sisters, Janice Ficke
Walker, is a retired Episcopal priest, psychologist, writer and artist. Both parents,
Parker and Dorothy are deceased. Parker was a travel agent in Davenport, Iowa (a
family business which I was proud to be part of), while Dorothy was a home maker
and clothing designer. I am also adopted and my birth family has been part of my
life for the past thirty years or so. They have been an integral part of my adult life
and it has been a true delight getting to know them. My sister Debra Osmun is
also a writer, professional photographer and businesswoman.

My literary inspiration came from the years of travel as a child (and as a travel
agent) and from living in Great Britain with my husband Michael, a/k/a Mick who
sadly passed away June 1, 2013. Both writers, we were professional
photographers (landscape, weddings, still, video) and had our own company from
1997 until June of 2013 . The Cook Companies was shared with Michael's brothers,
Austin and Kevin in England. In addition, we restored plaster cast statuary for
churches and private clients, plus specialized in statues over 125 years old. I
continue this as a hobby.

Not to be confused with the other writer named Karin Cook, I have included my
maiden name in my bi-line. We are both novelists, but of different genres.

Now I have resurrected my domain, so you can check my web page at: or check out my blog at:

Northwoods Forest Mystery (ISBN 1-4241-0595-1) launched 20 March 2006 through and Death Across the Pond (ISBN 1-4241-5114-7) on 26
December 2006. The books currently published are part of a four-novel series of
mysteries about an American family with some very odd relatives. The stories
begin in 1883 and move to the contemporary time frame, then back to part of the
original 1883 story line, with the pieces to the puzzle coming together at the end of
the series. The 'Ghost' in Bolton Hall went live 15 January 2009, with the official
rollout on 12 March 2009. The final book in the series, Murder and Pasta Don't Mix
went live 9/23/09. ISBN 978-1-61582-557-8 (although the 'official' rollout was on 14

One of the publications is an e-book called, Seven Doors of Time, sporting seven
stories (obviously) - one a potential catastrophe due to Global Warming; the
second about forgery in an English Abbey in Cornwall and the third is the
paranormal murder mystery with time travel back and forth between two centuries.
Plus there is a love story and a comedy! The others are a surprise. If you like
shorter stories you can read in a day, these are lots of fun to read. This book has
gone live as of June 11th. If all goes well, I will turn this book into a printed one.
The ISBN is: 978-1-4524-9424-1, available through for all
ereaders and on home computer. I've made a % sampling available at no cost to
the reader and the book is 431 pages (in the HTML format) and costs $3.99 US
dollars. Take a look at: You will
also see three new stories (shorts); Always Have - Always Will, which is a love
story and Good Old Uncle Norman - a semi-comedic mystery, with these two
books selling for $1.99. The Town Gray Built is a "short" which is a novelette, only
24 pages, but too long to be a short story. I've priced this at $1.25 to make it
affordable. Five new ebooks are coming for next year! And now, The Fault Lies
Beneath is in publication at This is the first story in the larger
edition of Seven Doors of Time and it is an environmental story - a first for me.

I'd also like to sell some additional photographs - which means I need to get back
to Ireland and the UK for that!!! (And I need a new camera, too.) I'm even trying my
hand at writing prose and poetry - for the first time - with the focus on the West of
Ireland....the Northwest of County Galway to be exact (with a spill-over in County
Mayo). Now I really MUST go to Ireland for the photos to go with the poems!!

New books will be mostly historical novels set in the UK and Ireland and will be a
total departure from the current series. One mystery currently in production is
Murder at Bosworth Field (an ebook) about a group of re-enactors whose friend is
murdered during the re-enactment. It's up to them to find the killer - and why their
compatriot was murdered. And it is highly possible it's one of them. All the re-
enactors are suspects - every last one of them just for starters - even the horse!
I'm working with a re-enactors group to get the militaria correct for the time period.
And that's a lot of work for all of us. Plus, now our location must be changed, as
what was thought to be the battlefield, isn't! Now the actual location has been
discovered a mile from where they thought it had been!

The BIG novel will be The Marlinspike Murders about three sailors on the three US
ships, Bonhomme Richard as they come together from their various centuries to
solve the murders of several townspeople from Whitby, England shortly before,
during and after the Battle of Flamborough Head in 1779. Each man has their own
traditions, technology (or the lack thereof) and experiences to bring to the
investigations. This novel will take me about two years to research and write -
possibly more. But I'm getting help from some of my maritime friends.

The illustrated children's series will be in the works for 2015, geared toward the 2-6
age range. And I also have a new project - Miss Lulabelle Lavinia LaFontaine
comes to life again in her own crime novel where she goes back a few years in time
(to age 72) and heads her own detective agency. As always, Miss Lulabelle brings
humor, vitality, craziness and hysteria to her story line. This is on tap for 2014 and
it could turn into another series.

Northwoods Forest Mystery is now out as an eBook on, with
Death Across the Pond on its way later this coming year. Eventually the other
books will follow on Smashwords.

Interests: History (US and UK), Maritime law, battle re-enactment, digital and medium format photography, Internet research, furniture and old house restoration (I ADORE DIY), regional cooking, gardening, landscape design, antiquing, Border Collies, Maine Coon

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • "Northwoods Forest Mystery"
  • Murder and Pasta Don't Mix
  • The Faut Lies Beneath
  • "Death Across the Pond"
  • Good Old Uncle Norman
  • Seven Doors of Time
  • Always Have - Always Will
  • The 'Ghost' in Bolton Hall
  • The Town Gray Built