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Nomad Peligeiro

Buenos Aires, Argentina


I write under the pen name N.Peligeiro. I'm from the U.S. but currently living in Buenos Aires and wishing I was back in Brazil. 'Behind the Wheel' is the book I'm trying to sell and a fictionalized account of time I spent teaching in Northern Mexico.

I currently work as an English teacher, and I studied journalism and Spanish in college. My credit cards are maxed out, though I have a substantial collection of poetry almost ready for publication.

Iím trying to sell my first novel by way of CreateSpace and have had no luck. Nobodyís visited my blog on WordPress and only two people were able to read my poems on before they were lost and left to tomorrowís future archaeologists (there will be a whole new field of archaeology searching internet archives). I could probably get some sympathy sales if I let friends and family know I wrote a book, but I know how people get when one of their own tries to do something fora do normal. My ways and means to go about self promotion didnít make it through customs, and here I am in a hotel, in a room with Ďabajo las cucarachasí scribbled big across the wall.

Iíd like to think I write travelogues. Tom Waits said his songs were travelogues. But Iím not a travel writer. This first novel deals with time spent in Mexico. Itís a tale of being had, drinking, debauchery, Mexican drug cartels, downward spirals, redemption (upward spirals), and dreams turning into nightmares. Itís personal but itís also timely and deals with drugs, violence, and border issues.

Interests: Travel.Food and Drink. Medicinal herbs. Surf. Rock\'n roll. Women. Language. History. All religions and philosophies. Wandering forests and mountains. Fishing.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No