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Kohana Au

Koloa, Hawaii, United States


Home page:

Kohana Au has long been a writer associated with a number of projects throughout the
Hawaiian Islands. A student and lover of all that is Polynesia; from New Zealand to
Hawai\'i, he shares his knowledge and understanding of these wonderful cultures.

"Since as a child I have been interested in and fascinated with the lands, seas, culture
and societies of Hawaii and Polynesia. As a featured writer for various magazines in
Polynesia and Hawai\'i (most recently Kauai,) I have always attempted to engage the
readers, both tourist and local, with information about the history and cultures of these
wonderful islands. The stories contained in The Tales of the Mermaids of Waiahuakua
have been collected, transcribed and written over my lifetime and have been a project
for many years."

Interests: Hawaii, Polynesia, Hawaiian Mermaids, Mythology, Folklore

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Tales of the Mermaids of Waiahuakua -Those of the Sea
  • Tales of the Mermaids of Waiahuakua -Those of the Sea