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Rob Durham

St. Louis, Missouri, United States


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As a veteran stand-up comedian, Rob learned that his jokes were funny, but not all that profitable. This really hit home when he realized that he could make so much more money being an English teacher. His writing skills were put to the test when the inner-city school that he taught at lacked important classroom items...books. Mr. Durham's creative side became his main resource as he pumped out poems, shorts stories, business letters, and other works that targeted the specific examples for his class's curriculum.

Rob's passions of writing, teaching, comedy, and football are almost all relevant for his first piece of nonfiction. "Don't Wear Shorts on Stage" ventures away from the typical "How to write your act" clones and instead focuses on the other 99% of the profession that he's endured the humiliation of learning for you.

Interests: Stand-Up Comedy, Inner-City Teaching

Published writer: No

Freelance: No


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  • Don\'t Wear Shorts on Stage