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H F J (Jansen) Estrup

Agent: self
POBox 176
Onyx, California, United States


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Author of the Starlight On Stone series, books WEST, EAST, SOUTH and NORTH have already been published. The climax, CRUX, is due out in Winter 2014. Both paperback and ebook editions are currently available.

Born at the end of the Great Depression, I was imprinted by World War II and developed a lifelong interest in conflict. Likely this led me to a career in the U.S. military where I served during some of the most contentious years of the Cold War, including 5 tours to Southeast Asia in the Sixties and Seventies.

Retiring in 1980, I was mostly unemployable. My wife and I moved to a remote Southern Sierra canyon and went back to living in the 19th century. Using candles, kerosine lamps and firewood heating, we created a considerable library. We grew our gardens, raised ducks and chickens and drew water from a year-round stream which dissected our property. We survived rogue hunters, waring bikers, wild animals and flash floods.

Gradually we installed solar power electricity and other conveniences. By the mid 90s we were watching satellite TV and running an art business for my wife on the internet.

I used the intervening years to learn how to fix, to build and recycle things. I also came to understand and forgive myself, to control the rage which had so often consumed me. Allowing myself some measure of compassion permitted that for others and I was slowly led back to writing.

I wrote my first book in the 5th grade, some poetry in college and a number of technical/instructional tracts for the U S Navy. My memoir, War Stories for My Grandchildren - A Memoir in Short Stories helped me sort out my life. Writing as an adult has been rewarding. I do it in some manner every day.

I work now for perverse pleasure, to examine the mystique of war. It is a psycho-active drug which is animated by myth, lies and childish desire for power, control and vengeance.

Interests: History (belief, custom and peaceful interaction), warfare, unusual resolutions. Literature, green issues, renewable energy, women and children

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Starlight On Stone EAST (ebook)
  • Starlight On Stone SOUTH ebook
  • Starlight On Stone CRUX
  • Starlight On Stone WEST (ebook)
  • Starlight On Stone EAST
  • Starlight On Stone NORTH (ebook)
  • Starlight On Stone SOUTH
  • Starlight On Stone WEST
  • Starlight On Stone NORTH
  • Nonfiction

  • War Stories for My Grandchildren - a memoir