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Josh Kilvington

Walnut Creek, California, United States


I was born, and I started learning – and have been trying
to understand the world ever since. As a youth, gained
much of my primary knowledge between hard work at
my grandfathers’ properties, at my stepfather’s Animal
Hospital, and in the Boy Scouts, where I achieved the
rank of Life Scout.

As I witnessed my Dad run a small business in South
Central LA from the 1970’s until he sold at the turn of the
century: I went from earning my allowance on weekends
and summers, to making our five room hospital OSHA
compliant as assistant manager in 1993. I got my first
outside job working in Park Maintenance at age 15.
Manual labor brought me from supervising youth work-
crews for the City of Rolling Hills, CA at age 17, to
running my own garden maintenance and design
business to supplement my way through college.

After college, I worked in Korea and Japan as a teacher
to children. I trained in martial arts during that time, and
concluded my studies in General Forms Kung-fu for an
five years in San Diego County.

I became involved in Sales and Marketing when I
returned from my 3 years in Asia, started in door-to-door,
moved into telemarketing, and found myself as a
Salesperson in Real Estate by 2001.

I am currently focusing my professional practice on
Mergers and Acquisitions for small companies, and as
an Agent for Commercial Properties and Development
Opportunities. As a Consultant, I am also a Professional
Executive; presently Communications Director for a
Real Estate Company based in San Diego.

As a real estate Broker, since 2004, my practice has
covered all aspects of real estate: Residential Sales;
Bulk Sales; Commercial Sales; Residential Financing;
Commercial (Institutional) Financing; SBA Financing;
Private Financing; Development Financing; Hotel
Financing; Joint Venture; Acquisitions; Venture Capital
Financing; Loan Underwriting; Loan Processing;
Negotiation; Corporate Compliance; and Project

I am in the process of completing the editing on my
fourth book, and am training for a trail marathon.

Interests: Art, Gardening, Music, Food, Wine, Beer, Zen, and World Peace.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Indelible: The Tale of Kibara Yasuhiro no Mitsuna