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Julia Stavris

Mansfield, Massachusetts, United States

While bored in my father's car, having been dragged to his job on the weekend at the useless age of seven, I picked up a scrap of paper and a story came out. It was in crayon, and it was about the destruction of the Earth. Looking back, I think I had some anger issues. I went on to short story after short story, filling notebooks with gibberish about my life and attempted my first novel at nine. No, it will never be on any shelf buy my own, yet since then I've written more than I care to share.

I've dabbled in every medium of writing I can comprehend (there are a few I just don't get)and have settled on a simple goal: to write an epic fantasy novel. (Well, there are soooo many, how hard can it be!?)

Life being what it is, my "plan" keeps getting interrupted, and since my writing has yet to make me a buck, my time and resources are limited, but I won't bore anyone with an all-too-common sob story. Suffice it to say, I'm in for the long haul, for better or worse, there is nothing I'd rather do. Publish or not, I keep on writing.

Interests: There is very little I am not interested in, however I have several niches that are my salve. The world of fantasy piques my sense of adventure, while the classics touch my writer\'s soul. When the mood strikes, poetry flows, both in and out,

Published writer: No

Freelance: No