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zheng sheng ming

Agent: zheng sheng ming
beijing, China


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I am zheng sheng ming,
I discover the origin of gravitation!

In Hong Kong, Chinese Science and Art Publishing House in October 2008 published a series of achievement in the physics that Zheng sheng ming obtain, which is I discover the origin of gravity. Title of “Mechanism of interaction in the moving matter”, also known as “the origin of gravity.” ISBN: 978-988-17675-9-2. The copyright of my book has not been transfered.

Abstract of my published book:
In the natural world, people have discovered four kinds of forces: the electromagnetic force, the gravitation, the weak force, and the strong force.Although the gravitation has been discovered more than three hundred years, its mechanism of origin is unclear until today. While investigating the origin of gravitation, I discovered that the moving photons produce gravitation. This discovery reveals the origin of gravitation. Meanwhile my discovery indicated that light interference fringes are produced by the gravitation which is created by moving photons. In other words, my discovery demonstrated that light is a particle, but is not a wave-particle duality. Furthermore, application of this discovery to other moving particles appears a similar effect. All these show the origin of gravitation and reveal the essence of matter wave.Along this way,I also unify the gravitation and electromagnetic force.

Interests: physics

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  • Mechanism of interaction in moving matter The origin of gravitation
  • meshanism of interaction in the moving matter/ or the origin of gravitation /
  • the origin of gravitation /or meshanism of interaction in the moving matter
  • Zheng sheng ming discover the origin of gravitation