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Chantal Noordeloos

Den Haag, Netherlands

As a writer it might be a little surprising that I usually find writing a bio quite a challenge. I like my writing to be a piece of my colourful imagination… and not so much a piece of my own mundane life. So what does one tell the reader in a bio? Shall I harp on about my hobbies (which are in all fairness rather weird and in my opinion wonderful) or shall I just stick with telling you where I went to school? I could tell you that I have been a mother since February 2007, which is the most amazing and at the same time challenging thing that I have ever done. Then I could tell you about my writing and how 2011 is the first year I am taking it very seriously and am trying to make something off myself in the wacky world of authors and publishing. As I write this I can tell you I haven’t been published… yet (unless you count my high school paper which I wrote many pieces for, but that is something I can’t really boast about) If I am to be categorised, I would call myself a contemporary fantasy writer. If I don’t have to be categorised, I would admit that I like to write all sorts of different genres. One thing I can tell you is that I love to write with a passion that I only otherwise feel for loved ones. Whether I am writing a scenario for various role play events, children’s stories for my daughter or for my students, short stories or a full-fledged novel, I love putting my imagination on paper and I am hoping one day there will be people who would love to read what I write.

Interests: writing, reading, painting / drawing, roleplay, larp movies, and various social activities

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes