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Robert Allan Young

Vancouver, Canada


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Given Robert Allan Young's stature as one of today's most compelling and sought
after Christian fiction authors, it's easy to let the reviews and numbers overshadow
the essential reason why he's come so far in the first place. As he says with
typical understatement, "I'm just a guy who gets an idea or a story in his head, and
I have to write it down. I enjoy getting setting the plot and developing a message in
each story."
The gift of turning the personal into a fictional story or character has become a
hallmark of Young's work. "If I can take a specific moment in my life and write
about how that moment made me feel though a character that I've created, all of a
sudden I"m in a territory where a lot of people can understand. If I can write a
chapter about Nicholai contemplating taking his own life, or Brian wanting to run
away, or two people who love each other in such a way that nothing else in the
world matters and someone else can actually feel those same feelings, then I've
done it. If I can take a reader who's delving in the depths of heartache and
loneliness and bring them to a place where they can experience that one true love
that may have been lost, then its all worth it."

And it's a world Young views with incredible optimism and passion, despite the
occasionally sad paragraph or chapter. "I'm not a sad person and I don't get any
satisfaction in heartache and despair. There's always hopefulness in anything I
write. There has to be; its the hopeful part that makes me want to share with
people. It's the hopeful part that says there can be healing in the pain and if I can
make it maybe some other people will too."

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Three Days with Mary
  • Tetelestia