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Lamar Andrews

san fernando
san fernardo, Trinidad and Tobago


I was at the beginning of the 70's last century, my mother was a weaver and my father an accountant i grew up in venezuela under the catholic belief, currently i gave up on my faith and i am a Gnostic i try to find my own truth, i stopped following spiritual leader to become my own guide, i am a man with potencial and one thing has been always in my mind " writing", i concider myself a writer i have an inner voice that dictates words and make my experiences works of writings, literature has become my shelter and speculating my own soul, i am a writer, i have been writing since my first childhood, reading was my guide to write, that's the secret to become a good writer, READING, there is not any writer whose first words were not dictated by the voice we perceive whenever we read (the author's voice) like a seed in the ground that voice enters inside our soul and itīs listened by itself, that voice absoves us in our personal silence and takes us to a magic moment, a simple space between reality and fiction, Although my plots in my books are reality focused, my work is a bridge between our visible world to a invisible and powerful one, it's our reality the only source of knowledge and wisdom, since our dreams are made out the same stuff recollections are made too, with no doubt i could say that having some recollection of an event doesnt mean that it happened, what are reality and fiction, is that a underneat our understanding, beyond i may say, perhaps we have been taught that the only source of knoledge and wisdom is the world outside us and the inner world is always ignored, however we make a distiction and we could see that the different is quite relative, that the inner world is as rich as the outside world and i could say eve richer than the last one,gnosis about that, its a journey straight to our inneworld without any obstacle, learning the skills to rule it and find happiness and self-development in all our field,

Interests: hiking, survival activities, trivia game, dancing, jazz, opera, teaching & Writing

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  • a day at work