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Pancha Vismrit

Basantatar 2 Dhankuta, Nepal

Email: panchavismrit@gmail.com

Home page: www.poetrypoem.com/panchavismrit

Pancha Vismrit
पञ्च विस्मृत


I believe that Pancha Vismrit will always remain with his poetic consciousness
in the history of poem. (Translated)
Parshu Pradhan, A renowned story writer
(From the page of publisher's note in The Unseen Sky)
विस्मृतको कविता चेतले नेपाली कविताको इतिहासबाट विस्मृत हुन दिने छैन भन्ने कुरामा म
विस्वस्त छु ।
प्रसिद्ध कथाकार परशु प्रधान (नदेखिएको आकाश को प्रकाशकीयबाट)

It can be insisted that some vigorous literary personalities in Malaysia would
be tomorrow's literary giants whilst considering their ability of writing skills. Viyogi Kainla and Pancha Vismrit who have appeared in poems, are the example of it. Distinct in point of view, linguistic profundity and full flow of writing are their common aspects and while analyzing it we can be optimistic... (Translated)

Indra Narthunge
Malaysia and Literature, Sunday, February 3, 2008
From the page of narthunge.blogspot.com

मलेसियामा क्रियाशिल केही साहित्य लेख्नेहरुको लेखन क्षमतालाई हेर्दा भोलीका
विशिष्ट साहित्यकारको पगरी भिर्नेहरुमा यिनीहरु पनि पर्छन भनेर अहिले नै ठोकुवा गर्न
सकिने अवस्था छ । कविताको माध्यमबाट मलेसियामा देखापरेका वियोगी काइँला र
पञ्च विस्मृत यस्का उदाहरण हुन् । बिचारमा सुस्पष्टता, भाषिक गहनता र लेखनमा
गतिशिलता यी दुवैको समान पक्षलाई केलाउँदा उनीहरुमा आशाको भुल्नुको प्रशस्त देख्न
सकिन्छ । नेपाल हुँदाको अवस्थामा नै कविता संग्रह प्रकाशन गरिसक्नु भएका पञ्चले
मलेसिया भित्रिएपछि थुप्रै कविताहरुको सिर्जना गरेका छन् । ती कविताहरुमा अलग स्वाद
पस्किएका छन् । उता रङ्गबादको फेरोमा लहसिएका बियोगी पनि नेपालबाटै कवि बनेर
मलेसिया भित्रिएका हुन् । उनले समातेको रङ्गबादले मलेसियामा उनलाई स्थापित
पनि बनाएको छ । उनले यहाँ लेखेका कविताहरु विस्मृतका अलग स्वादका छन् ।
मलेसिया र साहित्य Sunday, February 3, 2008
इन्द्र नारथुङ्गे
narthunge.blogspot.com बाट

Pancha Vismrit always revolves round life and the world in poems. (Translated)

Ganesh Khadka Pratiksha
From the page of an unpublished foreword
पञ्च विस्मृत कवितामा जहिल्यै जीवन र जगत वरिपरि घुमिरहेका हुन्छन् ।

गणेश खड्का प्रतीक्षा
एक अप्रकाशित भुमिका बाट


Pancha Vismrit
A freelance writer From somewhere around the Globe
But said to be born in (Eastern part of) Nepal, Basantatar, Dhankuta
Currently staying in Saudi Arabia,
studying the Muslim World


: Nadekhiyeko Aakash ( The Unseen Sky - a poem collection in Nepali language)
Published by Vani Prakashan Biratnagar, 2060 B.S. 13, Baishakh
ISBN: 99933-656-9-6

Two things appeared in my mind after reading the lines by Pancha Vismrit; firstly my
first published book 'Jeevan Path' published in Biratnagar in 2017 B.S. And his
passion for becoming a poet which I had at that time. I read Vismrit's
'Nadekhiyeko Aakash'. I felt good, because it brought me into the bank
of my own adolescence. I welcome his presence with the poem collection

Parashu Pradhan Chairman, Vani Prakashan, Biratnagar

: 'Vimva Sngyukta Ghazal Sangraha' 2064 B.S. (Includes five gazals) published in Malaysia by 'Antarashtriya Sahitya Samaj Malaysia shakha'

: Published many more articles, poems, lyrics and Ghazal in Magazines and Newspapersboth in Nepali and English.


: Poem collection
: Lyric collection (Lyrics of hundred)
: Two novels : Memoir collection (Written while staying in Malaysia)
: Malaysiako Nalibeli ( The Ins and Outs of Malaysia)
: Saudi Arabiako Nalibeli (The Ins and Outs of Saudi Arabia, Currently writing)


: Shree Vani Nava Prativa Puraskar In 2060 B.S.


: 3rd in Bimal Smriti Yuva Kavita Mahotsav Dharan in 2066 B.S.
: 1st in two more poetry competitions


: Of PRAVAS in Shree Abhilekh Saptahik
( A weekly newspaper published in Malaysia)




E-mail: panchavismrit@gmail.com
: pancha_vismrit@yahoo.com

प्रकाशित कृति: नदेखिएको आकाश (कविता सङ्ग्रह २०६०)
पुरस्कार: - श्री वाणी नव प्रतिभा पुरस्कार २०६०
- विमल स्मृति कविता महोत्सव धरान २०६६ तृतीय
- अन्य दुर्इ कविता प्रतियोगितामा प्रथम
संलग्नता : - वाणी प्रकाशन विराटनगर - इटहरी साहित्य सचार समूह, इटहरी

मेरो साहित्यिक यात्रा

- By Pancha Vismrit (पञ्च विस्मृत)


I loved writing since I was little and later it was to become a seed to grow in my heart as a dream
of becoming a writer.

I used to draw pictures. I've still vivid memories of the competition that
ran for fun between me and my maternal uncle. I also won the first position in a
drawing completion while reading in class six. I had drawn the picture of prior Nepali poet Bhanu
Bhakta Aacharya in that completion.

I used to sing songs, play musical instruments, dance and act in dramas as
I passed my childhood and teenage. I have spent weeks including nights and days singing dancing
and plying guitar, madal, flute or so on while organizing cultural programs on the occasion of deepavali.

Between the end of my school and the beginning of collage life, I was active in acting in dramas and
writing it. I also acted in an incomplete video film named 'Aadha Din Aadha Raat' meaning 'The Half
Day And The Half Night'. Those everything I did is now I find far behind in the past considered
never to be continued again as I could lack at least something in doing so. That is why my writing has got full love of mine today.

I can't remember the lines I first wrote but those probably were parts of a poem
especially of lyrical one, written regarding love. I used to keep sheets of newspapers
in safe, those containing articles and news, brought wrapping things from bazaars.
I couldn’t read them but were so dear to me.

One day one of my classmates showed me a notebook, fully written
short sort of poems so called Quotations that I borrowed but never returned
it back. I found something fun to enjoy and mystery to figure out in it. And I also started cultivating words. That time I was in the eleventh hour of my school life. But I soon realized that poem is
not that easy to write. My limited knowledge encountered a lot of rules in it and I escaped
into novel. But as I conversed and play with its characters I became known as a writer of
poems, short stories, and dramas especially on radio shows.

The novel I first wrote brought me to a publishing house namely Vani Prakashan
Biratnagar which lies eastern part of Nepal. And my journey began formally. But the novel was
not published as Dr. Badri Bishal Pokharel remarked on it. But anyhow I had to publish a
book. The passion for becoming a writer stood 'Nadekhiyeko Aakash' meaning 'The Unseen
Sky' then. It was a poem collection, written in Nepali and when so very critical situation I was facing.

In Vani Prakashan, I met my contemporaries to literary giants. I was more inspired
to step ahead there. I never missed attending any literary seminars, assemblies. I became
noticeable and was honored by Shree Vani Nava Prativa Puraskar in 2060 B.S. And that made
me feel like I breathed of poem, of literature. The literature seemed to be running as blood stream
through my body. It was to be a part of my life after all.

(वाणीका सम्झनाहरू)

The Unseen Sky ( Nadekhiyeko Aakash, नदेखिएको आकाश)

For me Biratnagar was the city like a thick jungle of without clear ways as
it's the second largest city in Nepal, where I found Vani Prakashan as I walked together with
my literary dreams.

A tall and talkative gentle-man with whom I conversed for the first time there
was the poet and storyteller Vivas Pokharel who later had to put a lot of effort into publishing Nadekhiyeko Aakash (The Unseen Sky). I was so much thankful to get it done of course. I recognized poet Krishna Bhushan Bal by his calm personality then by his poem collection Bholi Basne Bihan (The Tomorrow Crowing Morning). I was held in deep affection by him in Vani.

'What do you expect from Vani? It can offer you nothing'- A high power spectacles
worn man asked me as I was becoming a member of Vani. He was renowned storyteller
Parshu Pradhan and who was later to write about me and my work for my book.

Bimala Tumkhewa was the poetess appearing in a lot of newspapers and in
probably a book at that time, who I had known a little about, reached Vani at the same
time I had first reached there to recite my poem. A tall man with an impressive voice had given a
speech that day commenting on the poems recited. He was poet Manu Manjil. I remember that he
had admired Tumkhewa's poem there a lot. And he later became my favourite poet like Krishna Bhushan Bal.

Once, the poet Krishna Bhushan Bal asked me, based on my poems, that whether or not my
father is still alive. I said- 'Yes'. But this time, I would not say so, and would not also
say 'No' if the question arose again. There is a long story that unexplainable. I am looking for my
father actually for many years, since I knew who I am, what I am up to. My father has gone into
an unseen, unknown and unexplainable place that I am waiting to see, know and explain.

In the context of 'Vani memories' I must not miss writing those of my first published
book Nadekhiyeko Aaash (The Unseen Sky) and its release.

I, a little man, reached the hall, located in giant Biratnagar, which was to
organize the program in, with one of my colleagues as Bibash Pokharel told me to. In
those days I used to stay in Tankisinuwari with my poor friends, who used to work and
study sleeping only four hours a day. We made a lot of memorable stories of lack and
poverty at that time. There was a crowed full of literary personalities. Some of my
contemporaries like Min Kumar Nabodit Sheshtha were arranging various books for exhibition and sell.

I saw Mukul Dahal with Manu Manjil and Shridhal Sharma in a conversation. I raised my
hands to greet them but they seem to be neutral as if in an ignorance.
Oh God! I was quite far standing at the door, I realized. I greeted them again as
I approached but said nothing and just back to my seat inside the hall that I would deserve.

I used to speak so little that is why we talked nothing. I just felt compulsory to attend
to those from whom I learnt much to walk the way I was right on. I was a shy guy that
can't even express himself. Thank God! I could write and recite poems in front of a mass.

Inside the hall, Manu Manjil seemed to be so surprised at not seeing his Ghazal singer
while Min Kumar Nabdit Shreshtha's one already attended. He was asking over and over again
in surprise- Where is my singer?

Me? That day was the perfect day I dreamed of. I was so exited being there. Oh my first book Nadekhiyeko Aakash, it's going to be released! I was to be a writer, a poet. Somebody to call me
so, and that was the only my dream so far. I loved the call. I remember that
day I was wearing the usual clothes; simple shirt, pants and slung a bag over my shoulder. So far I
never worn jeans and be proud. I didn't hate the jeans but I thought it's
too casual. And I thought my dress was the perfect match for a literary personality.
On that very special occasion, some very special personalities were too being honoured. Those
were singer Satya Kala Rai and Sambhu Rai. And local singers were also performing
on that day and Manu Manjil and Min Kumar's Ghazal and lyric were being sung.
Later on, it came to know that Sambhu Rai could not attend and receive his honour.

I saw Satya Kala Rai. She was probably was the first well known singer I saw from very close
rather than just hearing on the radio or watching on television. Finally my book was released
together with Seematit Seemanta by Mukul Dahal, Nari Aayam by Madhu Rai. I gave a about ten
minutes long speech from the dais and was satisfied but regretted, because of not saying anything about Vivash Pokharel who had to put a lot of effort into publishing my book as I mentioned above.
And because I didn't even thanked poet Krishna Bhushan Bal for naming my
first published book. Bhushan Dhungel had spoken about my poem collection as
well as Parshu Pradhan. My book was released by Sushila Bhandari.

That special day was 13 Baishakh 2060 B.S.

Interests: Literature, Music

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Nadekhiyeko Aakash ( The Unseen Sky)