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Peggy Bechko

Agent: Between agents
Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States


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SHORT BIOGRAPHY -- Peggy A. Bechko (P.A. Bechko)
A frequently published novelist, with fifteen works (westerns, romances, fantasy) to my credit, my publishers have been Doubleday, Harlequin, Pinnacle and Thorndike Press ( a division of The Gale Group), and now, in the Electronic field, The Fiction Works. Iíve additionally written six complete spec screenplays. One of those screenplays, Replica (formerly Spitting Image), climbed to a high ranking place in two well-known competitions: the quarterfinals of the Nicholl Fellowship in screenwriting and the semi-finals of the Writers Foundation sponsored Americaís Best screenwriting competition. Two of my screenplays have since been optioned and Iíve written an episode titled Strange Allinace for a half-hour animated series called Diabolik. A third, Small Wonder, was recently optioned to a German Production company. Now Iím diving into audiobooks, ebooks and developing a couple of proposals for kids television shows, both animated and live action and beginning to write fantasy novels.
STORMRIDER was just released by The Fiction Works in March of 2001.
I was born in Michigan, raised in Indiana and Florida, and landed, finally, in New Mexico, the place I call home today, having collected a B.A. with a major in creative writing along the way. Iíve written fiction in one form or another from about fourteen, and have been what my mother cheerfully labels as 'compulsive' about it ever since. It seemed I could never write anything short. So, in the course of things, I just skipped over short stories and leapt right to novel length, submitting what I felt was my first marketable works when I was nineteen to a literary agency in New York. They accepted me, promptly went under, and I floundered until one of their agents picked me up by announcing my first sale to Doubleday.
The book, THE NIGHT OF THE FLAMING GUNS, came out when I was twenty-two and Doubleday went on to buy a total of five westerns from me.
I went along writing westerns and publishing at the rate of about one a year. Then, I got sidetracked by Harlequin. Romances were picking up followers and I managed to keep my western influence a bit while writing a more modern 'romance' set in Mexico (DARK SIDE OF LOVE) and then a 'young adult' western (THE GALLAGHERS).
Finally came CLOUD DANCER, a full-blown historical romance which I took pains to keep historically correct. Then back to a couple more westerns, screenwriting, and now Iím working in the fantasy/science fiction field.
Since writing unfortunately did not completely cover the bills in the early years, I have had numerous jobs. In order, they were: Gift Wrap & Customer Service in a department store; an Artist's Model (interspersed) a couple of times; Delivery Person; Clerical and Office person; Legal Secretary & Office Manager; Secretary to the Office of Financial Aid, Registrar, and Career Placement at a college; Assistant Bookstore Manager, also at the college.
I've sold paper mache' sculptures the Elaine Horwitch Gallery and hand-made (beaded) jewelry at a gallery in Texas.
And, just so I wouldn't get bored, when I arrived in New Mexico, with my mother, we had to decide whether we wanted a small, complete house, or a larger, incomplete one. We chose the larger and completed it ourselves. I'm not talking about dabbing a little paint here. We moved in when the house was a shell with plaster dust sifting into our soup at dinner and undertook its completion. We tiled, stained, painted, installed baseboard, framed windows, laid carpet, installed a burglar alarm system and built a stone planter box in a corner of our courtyard. That, after hauling loads of dirt by wheelbarrow, laying retaining railroad ties (with help from my visiting brother). Amazing what one can do when properly motivated.
Iíve since married Steven Chappell, wonderful man, and author of Dragons & Demons, Angels & Eagles and The Voyage of the Peregrin and the forthcoming Ebook, The Tales of Caer Alban. My most recent endeavor has been to teach an online class for UCLA extension Writer's Program on Romance Writing and hope to be doing taht again in the fall. .

Interests: Writing first and foremost, followed very closely by reading. The previous pair were reversed when I was very young, before I began writing! However, life is not limited to those two pursuits and I've found myself led astray frequently by the lure of h

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