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Mat Robinson

Romsey, Hampshire, United Kingdom


Zero Sum Game, A Joseph Steele Novel is a modern day crime thriller.

It is set in modern day Britain in the fictitious district of Flexforth somewhere on the south coast. It is happening over the next two weeks. It considers what may happen if business is allowed to get too involved with the “Big Society.”

The story

A Pharmaceutical company have been using their sponsorship of a Government initiative, Project Uplift, to select victims for their organ harvesting business.

Their political connections are strong. Their pockets are deep and they have bought he services of local councillors, council officers and the Police. Everyone has a price

It falls to Joseph Steele, a young council officer to discover the truth. He just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is helped by DC Croft, and aging, jaded police officer who individually put the pieces together and bring the conspiracy. We follow the two over them.

Why on earth should you be interested?

The lead character is an ordinary guy who uses what he has learnt working the front line for a district council to bring down an international conspiracy. As far as I am aware, Joseph would be amounts the first leading men to have this perspective. This should open the book up to a large readership as the information used is available to everyone if only they know where to look.

The price is timely as it deals with current political, social and medical issues. I hope that the reader will be entertained as well as informed.

The piece is the first in a linear narrative following Joseph Steele on his adventures. He is the Jack Reacher for the common man. Joseph uses his brains rather than his brawn to resolve conflict.

The format can be extended to follow Joseph on further adventure. I am two thirds of the way through the sequel, “Red Eyes” and I am plotting and researching the third in the Joseph Steele series.

The author.

This is my first novel. Like Joseph, I am an Environmental Health Officer working for a District Council. I have 16 years frontline experience. I have seen my fair share of sights and spectacles. I have used this unique perspective to inform my writing.

I would love the opportunity to bring this to a wider audience as I feel that I have a different slant on your usual crime thriller.

Interests: First time novelist looking for a deal

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