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Anna Costello

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Key West, Florida, United States

I'm writing a Self-Help book for losers, for zebras like me, people who don't run with the pack of horses. For whatever reasons. We zebras are as varied as those horses we resemble close enough to fool everyone, even ourselves, into thinking if we just do like THEY do, we'll be as fine as they are.

Nope. Not me. It doesn't work for me. Wicca, Transcendental Meditation, Art, psycho-active drugs, religion, love, 12-steps, Feeding my Demons, Dancing with Dakinis, Coda, Inner Child Work, beating on a couch with cushions, RET, Tarot cards, chakra balancing, acupunture, I swear, I've tried all that stuff. Some of it works for a little while. That all-protein diet gave me energy for a little while, but fell by the wayside and I can't even imagine going back to that today.

A lot of things worked at first. I think there's something about endorphins being released when we try ANYTHING new that causes a peak of improvement in the first trial of any new drug or treatment or prayer. But can that effect be replicated? That's the key to scientific proof. And while I'm not a stickler for rational, logical, statistical proof needed, there is that "new smell" factor that clouds my judgement about whether a new method is working because it's a better method or simply because it's new?

And if it only SEEMS better, simply because it's NEW, well, that placebo effect wears off toot sweet. Yeah, I know it's French. And no, I'm not going to look it up. No one shames me into doing or not doing ANYthing today, ya HEAR.

I cease to be a doormat. As of Now. And I will tell you How. How I did it.

Interests: music, books, art, chanting, Arthurian legends and history, harmonica, gardening, photography, butterflies, cats, alternative medicine, healing, wounded healers, you.

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  • Thank You, Tennessee Williams