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Michelle Schad

Huntsville, Alabama, United States


It\\\'s strange sometimes how life takes over making \\\'fun\\\' more and more
difficult as
we get older. That is how I exist - in a cycle of life that breaks apart my \\\'fun\\\'.

I am a mother of four who fills rolls most paid employees don\\\'t fill from the
cook to the adored superwoman and everything in between. Yet every part of life
feeds my addiction to writing, influencing the various voices that come to light on
paper - virtual or otherwise.

My imagination seems to know no bounds, jumping from genre to genre on a whim.
It is a chaotic world of words and characters, landscapes and ideas that combat
each other for my attention much like my children do. And, like my children, I do
my best to give each idea or thought the attention they deserve with varying
degrees of success.

Because, as with life, not everything is perfect; as with life, everything is a trial of
will and wit that must be overcome.

In visual art, there is a medium in which the artist is comfortable - digital,
traditional, oils, pencils, etc. Writing, I've found, is no different. Rather than a true
medium however, there are the genres in which writers feel most comfortable. For
me, that comfort zone rests within the boundaries of the fantastic and sometimes
the terrifying. I find I am able to express myself easier when it is in a world that
does not truly exist; to define the boundaries of my imagination when I push the
limits of your mental senses in terrifying, confusing or even passionate ways that
force you to feel the work you're reading.

Fantasy, horror and the occasional science fiction have been my focus with
dabbles into the erotic just to try something new.

If just for a moment I can make your heart race, cause a tear to form or a thought
to stick then I have succeeded in my goals. It isn't perfect - I never expect it to be -
but, as I've already stated: life is rarely perfect so why should writing be any

Interests: Writing, gaming, drawing, music and reading

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Moonlit Choice